SEC Watchalong: 🦇Batman Beyond🦇 Eps 12-13 09/28 @7:30PM PT/10:30PM ET

It’s another wonderful week and we have a grand show prepared for you! In addition to once again traveling to the troubling future of Batman Beyond, we’ll also be taking a peek into the past with a look at Aquaman '66!

This week’s presentation is extra special, because we will be going on hiatus for a little while following this performance. So I do hope that you’ll all join me to make this showing the best one yet!

:sparkles:!𝖓𝖊𝖍𝖙 ,𝖉𝖊𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖙𝖘 𝖞𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖕 𝖊𝖍𝖙 𝖙𝖊𝖌 𝖘’𝖙𝖊𝕷:sparkles:

For those who have joined a Watch-Along before, you know the drill! And to anyone who hasn’t been to one of these productions just yet, this is a great time to watch some ’toons and unwind after a long day of weekend fun. If you’re the shy type, no problem! No need to chat if you’re not ready. :speak_no_evil: Just read along in the comments and enjoy being in the presence of fellow fans.

After all, what was the old prophecy that Constantine used to say? Oh yes! “The community that geeks out together, stays together.”

:sparkles:!𝖘𝖑𝖎𝖆𝖙𝖊𝖉 𝖜𝖔𝖍𝖘 𝖓𝖔𝖒𝖒𝖚𝕾:sparkles:

:white_check_mark:SHOW INFORMATION​:white_check_mark:

Who: You, my fine audience.

What: Batman Beyond, Season 1 Episodes 12-13, followed by Aquaman '66, Season 1 Episode 1.

Remember: No skipping the credits! Please allow each to play through naturally, or you might end up getting lost in time. I can’t guarantee the safety of anyone who ends up floating in the timestream – that’s tricky magic indeed.

Where: Right here on the forums! In this thread! In the comments below! Maybe on your phone? But also, you’ll be watching Batman Beyond on another screen to make it easier. So, be sure to practice those duplication spells.

When: Full schedule below!

Saturday, September 28th

@7:30 pm PST/10:30 pm EST

Batman Beyond S 1, Ep 11: ”A Touch of Curare”

Batman Beyond S 1, Ep 12: “Ascension”

@8:30 pm PST/11:30 pm EST

Aquaman S 1, Ep 1: “Menace Of The Black Manta/Between Two Armies/The Rampaging Reptile-Men”

Why: Because the show must go on!

How: Great question- read below!


:point_down:RULES OF THE ROAD​:point_down:

If this is your first time, please read below to prepare yourself for how this will work.

Requirements and Recommendations for Participation:

  1. SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED – You must have a subscription to DC Universe to access Saturday Evening Cartoons.

  2. DUAL-WIELDING – Watch-Alongs are best experienced on two devices; Your phone for comments, and your big screen for viewing.

  3. 2, 1 LET’S JAM – Have your clicking finger on the “play” button and ready for action- we’ll be starting at the strike of the hour.

ALSO! Because we’re watching multiple episodes, please do not skip the opening or end credits, so we all remain in the same timeline.

  1. A WRINKLE IN TIME – There might be some flux in where people enter the timestream, so please be patient if someone seems a few seconds off in their reactions.

Let’s see those curtains rise on another grand performance!


If anyone has any big ideas on what we should have as our pre-hiatus breakfast-for-dinner pairing, please let me know! :smiley: My snack table is open to suggestions.


The Watchalong is right around the corner! What are you more excited to see, the high-tech adventures of a troubled future, or a whimsical look into the past with a beloved classic? I’d love to know your thoughts!


breakfast for dinner:
french toast
NY style breakfast sandwiches, which is more about the bread
some kind of homemade mcgriddle, with eggos (or the french toast) as the bun


Now that does sound good, @AntLeon! :smiley: Luckily, there’s plenty of time to make a dinner buffet.

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it was more multiple choice to get the proverbial ball rolling

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I couldn’t decide, @AntLeon! :smiley:

And the countdown kicks off now! We have 30 minutes until the fun starts.

fair enough

What did you ultimately choose, @AntLeon?

15 minutes to go! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

5 minutes! :smiley: Places, everyone!

actually, i already ate; i am east coast.

Oh, I see! ^^ I do hope that you have a small snack, all the same. This is an important pre-hiatus watchalong, so I’d love to make it extra special.

2 minutes to go!

I’m just going to stick around for the Batman Beyond guys :slight_smile:

Sounds great, @DhruvGrayson!

Let’s goooo!


That guitar riff is everything. <3

Oh, they’re adorable together! <3