sdcc sweepstakes

when are they announcing the winner of the sdcc sweepstakes


I’m curious about that, too.

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I’ve been checking my email and haven’t been notified yet.

same here ive even been looking in the watchtower i it least hope they will announce the winner to comic con so that way we all know and this is a huge announcement that deservers to be a headline

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I’d have thought they’d have made some kind of announcement by now. Comic con is in 7 days.


right like i know for the other raffle prizes i can understand why they wouldnt wanna announce it like its not as huge as comic con like we should all know who won it least

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Agree! That way at least we’ll know if we DIDN’T win and can go about our lives without holding our breath and hoping we get invited to the brunch. I really would love to go but I would hope they’d give us at least a FEW days notice if we won.

Where’s the announcement of the winner? I joined subscription to get chance to get to SDCC.

Applejack has said everyone HAS ALREADY been contacted.