SDCC Character Hall of Fame: Who’s Next?

Joshua Lapin-Bertone’s article on the Batman Hall of Fame induction ends with a question: who should be the next characters inducted into the Hall of Fame?

To keep things balanced, I think it would be fair to alternate between DC, Marvel, and other. Personally, here would be my next choices:

2020: Spider-Man
2021: The Duck Clan (Scrooge, Donald, The Nephews)
2022: Superman
2023: The X-Men (Group)
2024: Archie and Pals
2025: Wonder Woman
2026: Captain America
2027: The Phantom
2028: Robin (Group)
2029: Iron Man/The Hulk (not sure which…)
2030: Judge Dredd


Spider-Man, Superman, Wonder Woman, and X-Men and inevitable I feel. Do you think Spawn will be added? I haven’t read the comics but it sounds like the character at least used to be a big deal.

And of course they have to add the Phantom

Wait never mind you already said that

Spawn WAS a pretty big deal in the 90s. This may be controversial but I don’t think he’ll make it. If they only induct one character per year, then by the time they induct everyone more important than Spawn he may actually be too far back in the cultural rearview mirror.

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I think it’ll depend on whether the include tv and film in the equation.

2020: Spider-Man
2021: Superman
2022: Captain America
2023: Wonder Woman
2024: X-Men (including Wolverine)

I just don’t see the X-Men beating out Ambush Bug in '23


@Desade, I don’t see cap going in before the X-men

I really like your choices my only objection (and that’s to strong of word but can’t think of a better one )is Mickey instead of Donald and co. Like Batman and Spider-Man he has word wide recognition and without his success the other Disney characters wouldn’t exist as we know them
Also I’m wondering if they will go back to include golden age characters like Conan who were extremely popular along time ago and still have a following

Fantastic Four gotta be in there somewhere

@fattyboonbatty It’s true that Mickey came first, but I think you’re underestimating what a huge deal the Duck comics are. In European markets especially, Donald and Scrooge have been at the forefront of comic publishing for decades. When talking about comics around the world, Donald is even more of an icon than Mickey.