Saving and entire collection

Is there a way to save an entire collection without opening esch individual boom and saving it that way?

For example: In the epic crossover section there is the Crisis on Infinite Earths. I to save the entore collection in one click so i could get back to it easily.

Side note: Is the order the comics are presented in the collection thebsughested reading order?

Thanks in advance.

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By “each individual boom” do you mean comic? If so, yes. There is a plus (+) icon near the series description that can be added to a list. You can use the default list “Favorite” or even create a new list.

My bad I could have sworn there was. I am in the mobile android app at the moment. You can copy the link by pressing the share icon. Here is one I copied:

There is the plus (+) icon on the series section on my google chrome browser.

For “collections” like Crisis on Infinite Earths… I do not see any icons so copying the URL may be your best option.

You can bookmark this post or the link on your browser for easy access to the collection.

To answer your second question: Not always. I have seen comics misplaced: Annuals, Limited Series. But that is to be expected with adding 20,000 comics in April. Check out DC Database (Fandom Wiki). It has the reading order and tie-ins list for the majority of the series.