Sanctuary (Jessica Cruz)

Do you think Jessica Cruz green lantern belongs in Sanctuary beacuse of her PTSD?

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Not really. I think she knows how to get over stuff on her own. Which is something I like about the character.

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Jessica has her own therapist she goes to in Portland. She needs treatment for her normal life, not her hero life.


This is as close as we get to her in Sanctuary, but I totally agree with @HubCityQuestion’s point!

Almost feel like if she stops in there it’s to tell others that they can get help and it can get better

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What issue is that in

@KoolKris0426 I believe it’s from the last issue of HiC, I saved all of the hero confessionals from that issue and believe this is where it’s from

Oh that’s pretty cool

If she were to get therapy, she should stay as far away from Sanctuary as possible.

Jessica Cruz is one of the top characters I identify with. I never had the agoraphobia so intense that I couldn’t leave the house. I do have anxiety disorder & panic attacks. I also identify with avoiding large crowds. In this condition that can be a serious trigger. First 2814 female lantern & first Mexican-American lantern. If u have those conditions, it makes her so relatable.