Running in Comics!

Here it is! A great suggestion from @SteveTrevor2.0: a thread for comic images of our favorite characters engaging in our favorite activity. Or characters we hate begrudgingly engaging in an activity we do to keep healthy. Or anything in between.

Yeah, technically Babs is just lacing up in that pic, but it’s a better drawing than the only one of her out for her run before getting ambushed.

Sources are nice to cite if you can… e.g. :arrow_up::arrow_up: Batgirl (2011) #32 :arrow_up::arrow_up:

And just for lolz, I’m going to keep a log to see what percentage of these are speedsters. Pie charts to come! MMmmmmm, pie.


Great idea for a new topic! :laughing:

When people are judging you for your sweet running gear.


Credit where credit’s due! Edited original post. Didn’t mean to omit that!


Ah, now I can bask in the glory of accolades.

In the meantime, here is a panel from Wonder Woman that reminds me of my running partner and I:

From Wonder Woman (1986) issue 20.