Rumored Superman TV show with Tyler Hoechlin

Rumors are online today that a Superman TV series staring Tyler Hoechlin’s version of the character from Supergirl is currently in development.
The article states “Sources claim that the studio lost confidence in Superman’s ability to draw audiences to the cinema.“
They go on to point to the disappointing box office of Justice League as the reasoning. When they specifically kept Superman out of all marketing for that movie.
Listen, I think this version of Superman is great and I look forward to seeing more with him, but Superman was one of the highlights of Justice League because he finally felt like the Superman I wanted to see. It’s infuriating that WB would lose faith in the character on the big screen at this point.
/End Rant.
What do you all think?




Plz no. He looks Latin/Spanish

Agreed. Henry wasn’t given a fair shake. The story arc was always going to be multiple movies. CGI-stache didn’t help his case… but then again, it was WB shooting themselves in the foot.
That being said… WHY NOT have a Supes on the small screen? We already have 2 Flashes! Give him a show!!

I like Tyler’s Superman a lot. So if we aren’t getting supes on film for a while, then hell yeah I accept this news!

Would be nice if it happened. (I think this rumor is untrue though).

I would personally prefer him as a series regular on Supergirl. Tyler and Melissa are great together.

We too seldom see the cousins working together.

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I like this version of Superman and would be down to see more from him in some capacity. As much as I like Cavill, I just don’t think he was ever given good enough material for his talents.

Tyler’s Superman was just OK for me. He’s definitely no Cavill and Tyler’s version works for tv. That being said he is one of the weaker versions of big blue but overall I would be happy with a standalone Superman show.

At this point, why the hell not.

Yeah I would watch it I just wonder what subjects they want to preach on on that one?

I say yes :+1:t2:. Why not have a t.v. universe, movie universe, animated universe, and comic universe? I love DC :metal:t2::heartpulse::metal:t2:

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I’m happy for new Superman show. I’m not happy that it’s going to be another CW, far-left themed drama fest. I’d much rather they rework the Metropolis show in development into a more serious Superman theme. I.E. int eh same vain as Krypton.

so i think this has actually been debunked. Tyler IS NOT getting his own Superman tv show on the cw. He’ll appear on the Elseworlds crossover but that’s it. And theres no backdoor pilot attempt using the crossover either.

I hope not especially if Tyler Hoechlin stars as Superman…and that awful costume

There is really no validity to this rumor. Look at the source. Fandomwire? Never heard of them. I would put more credence if Deadline or Variety actually got the scoop.