Ruby Spears Superman

Will you guys be adding it to your lube up?

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Line up, need an edit option

I actually don’t remember this show so I’d love to see this on the app.

Pretty sure it was on here at launch.

It’ll probably get rotated in again soon enough.

Unless it was on the fist day then taken off I don’t think it was. I remember looking for it and not finding it, and I was here day 2. But guess I could have missed it.

I have a feeling it will be a long time if ever before it comes here. Unless DC has bought it I don’t think they own the rights to Ruby Spears shows. So guessing they would have to pay licensing fees to someone to have it here, and so far no show not produced by WB/DC or that DC/WB now own the rights to has shown up on here. But I would love to watch it again, it was the first adaption of the post-crisis Superman, or I think anything in the post-crisis DC Universe, so definitely has a place in history if nothing else.

@Dan, I could certainly be mistaken. My brain is made of swiss cheese.

Since I own most of these things on DVD, it’s easy to misremember just how I was watching something. :slight_smile:

Ruby Spears Superman has yet to be on DCU, but I welcome it’s arrival and I’m sure others will too. It’s an underrated gem and the best Superman oriented TV show that debuted in 1988.