Ruby Rose as Batwoman Looks Astonishing!

More teasing with just days to go!

Oh and this cool little behind the scenes thing:

Is it time to watch yet?

Show looks like crap

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The show has been amazing and nothing short of a literal dream come true!


Super happy for you @Mae! I remember the feeling I got when Green Lantern was revealed to be getting a live action film. Obviously my story ended far more tragically. I’ve been enjoying the Batwoman show too!

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Some of my online friends think Ruby Rose should’ve cast as Captain Marvel. After seeing her as batwoman, I’m inclined to agree.

I just couldn’t agree more, Mae! :smile: It’s been so much fun.

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The show keeps getting better and better! I hope it goes on for many seasons. If I had one minor quibble, and I’ve said this in the past, her costume, while amazing, does need some more crimson, in my opinion. :hugs:

@LooseNate I feel the same way, she’s become a go to character for me

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I think she looks great. My only critique is that the cowl is way too wide. Makes her head look like a jack-o-lantern

I missed these when they originally aired but very nice and long interviews:

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Ruby Rose is ABSOLUTLY perfect for this role. Also shoutout to Rachel Skarsten who portraits Alice/Red Alice in the series. I hope we get more of this show after this whole virus thing is over.


Season 2 has already been ordered, and the remaining S1 scripts that weren’t yet shot will most likely be retooled and carried over.

Same goes for The Flash and Supergirl’s 7th and 6th seasons, respectively.


I sure as heck hope so, I love the show


Glad to see a Bat Family Member on CW. Have to admit having trouble buying into Ruby Rose and Batwoman.

Loved Ruby in John Wick she was really cool! Seems to try way yo hard to be HARD as Kate. Then I find her WAY to WEAK as Batwoman. The secret identity thing only works when you have just the right amount of mental instability to know that Kate is Kate, a highly trained military brat, that happens to be a lesbian on the rebound. Which is a totally and completely person from Batwoman, a highly trained vigilante, that does not have all the toys of Batman, that does have a similar code to Batman, but not the same. As well as does not have any issue with guns but is high effective with them.

I also think that if they would have done a TITANS type of Bruce Wayne thing with her it would have helped. I mean she got access to his toys after being INVITED into the Bat Family. They could have wrote a scene where Bruce Wayne turned on the Bat Signal and took her down to the Wayne tower armory and set her up with Luke. Because y’all do realize she is not in the Bat Cave, so she has limited Bat Tech.

IDK…I mean at this point its a hard slow sells. I want it to work but I am not sure.

Personal best scene of series was in crossover, between her and Kingdom Come Bruce Wayne.

According to this Blu-ray announcement Batwoman is the CW’s #1 show!

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I’m impressed with what they’re doing with Kate. She’s going through growing pains in what it means to be a hero. She’s making mistakes but she’s learning from them. I know I’ve said that statement before about this show, but even up to the recent episode, it’s true and it’s amazing. They’re adding so much depth to Kate. She’s had to make some tough decisions in her first year and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna get any easier.

And come on, I love Alice. She’s been through so much herself, but she keeps coming back. That scene with the stitches…OW!


Hey I am not fighting the numbers. Just personally have not found the draw to it that I wanted. Super glad to see Ruby Rose do her thing. I have no complaints with the acting.