Rounding Up the Easter Eggs in the Superman & Lois Premiere

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a bunch of clever deep cuts and fun references! Not only did the Superman & Lois premiere episode set up an emotional story and a captivating mystery that promises to drive this debut season in interesting directions, but it also contained tons of cool Easter eggs alluding to aspects of Superman history from throughout his eight-decade run. Did you miss them? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded them all up for you!

Check out all the Easter eggs we found at in the News section!

Did we miss any Easter eggs in the premiere of Superman and Lois? Let us know in the comments below! :point_down: :superman:


The show premiere 10 years after Smallville ended on the CW.:slightly_smiling_face: Can’t wait to watch it in less then 30 minutes.


One too many chicks laid eggs for this show.


In the beginning of the episode we see Superman wear his Superman’s costume just like the Max Fletcher Superman cartoon costume!:smiley:


I didn’t catch these…

  • Jonathan and Jordan are both named in tribute to Clark’s two fathers. Jonathan is named after Jonathan Kent, Clark’s adopted father, while Jordan is named in tribute to Jor-El, Clark’s biological father. The choice of names becomes even more interesting when it’s revealed that Jordan was the one who inherited his father’s powers.
  • When Lois and Clark arrive at the Daily Planet they’re greeted by Max Mencken, an obscure character from the 1966 Broadway musical “It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman.” Now THAT’S a deep cut!
  • Martha Kent’s physician is Doctor Frye, an homage to the Kent family doctor that was mentioned in Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman film.
  • Jonathan and Jordan are invited to a bonfire at Shuster Mines, named after Superman’s co-creator Joe Shuster.


But yep, I enjoyed the episode, I thought it was really good.

Of course, you see the Man of Steel feel and tone in the imaginary of Superman & Lois mentioned a lot. And it’s certainly there.

Man of Steel though…

In my opinion, and since I’m a DC guy first, last, and always, I feel that the Joker and Superman: The Movie are the greatest comic book movies ever made.

With Superman: The Movie though that’s more the eight year-old me talking, that’s the nostalgia talking.

Man of Steel is vastly superior to it, I feel. Of course, that’s just my opinion though, because I know a lot of people have problems with Man of Steel.

So my real list is Joker, Man of Steel, and then Superman: The Movie.

And I’m guessing The Batman is going to be either number one or number two on my list once that’s released.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will probably come in at number three at that point.

Anyway, Superman & Lois, in just one episode, is without a doubt the best television offering to date from DC. In my humble opinion.

HBO Max’s Gotham City Police Department drama will no doubt top it, but for now, Superman & Lois I think is the pinnacle for DC television.


You’re really good, I didn’t even notice that the 2 boys were name after Superman’s father!:slightly_smiling_face:


If this ‘Rounding Up The Easter Eggs’ theme is to become a regular feature within the News page I’ll def be stopping off here at these posts and at first after the episodes’ premieres because I’d much rather get DC approved updates about this topic rather than some of the at best shaky and more often than not flakey movie/TV news blogs out on the interwebz (not mentioning any names, but they rhyme with Kreenpant or Pew Mockstars :roll_eyes:) for this info. Yay DCUI! Thank you for compiling this list! :smiley: :00_dc_2016:


Agreed with your entire take here @Isaac.Lawrence.

Astounding. Mesmerizing. Easily the most disturbing, the most provactive, and the most authentic depiction of the character I’ve seen in my lifetime. This may prove to be helmer Todd Phillips’ masterwork after all is said and done.


Jonathan and Dan? J/K Jor-Eldan would have been a cool name. Say that fast 10 times. @Archer500


So I was sure that Jonathan Kent Sr. was being played by Michael McKean (Perry White) from Smallville - but it was actually another actor, Fred Henderson.

Did anyone else notice the Star Trek TNG Easter Egg? Martha’s doctor was played by Gates McFadden (confirmed on IMDB)


Now that you pointed it out, and being a massive NG fan, back in the day(alright, I’m 41), that is cool.


Yeah, Jonathan was pretty obvious.

Jordan and Jor-El was clever on the show creator’s part.

I just assumed that it was just a name.


Thanks! After doing this Easter egg thing since 2018 I’ve become an old pro at this and learned to think outside the box.

It also involves hitting pause A LOT! That’s how I found Ace Chemicals.


Author of the article here…and thank you! This was a fun one to put together.

As for regular Easter eggs - if you (and enough people) demand it, and my DC overlords hear your cries, then we’ll make it so!

During the DC Universe era I did weekly Easter egg rundowns for all the DCU Originals (Swamp Thing, Titans, Stargirl etc), and over on DC Comics dot com I did a monthly rundown on the Arrowverse Easter eggs during the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 seasons.

If enough people demand it, I would love to bring back the Easter Egg Hunt column for the 2021 television season!


I liked when he froze the lake to cool down the temperature like he did in one of the Chris Reeves movies. I looked up that Easter egg to see how many people noticed that and not a lot did.