No one likes to think about it but with the 5,000 title limit soon to be reached DC is going to have to start pulling titles if they’re going to keep adding more. If DC Universe is serious about giving a decent amount of notice some decisions will need to be made soon so I started this thread to make some suggestions about what I wouldn’t mind seeing gone in favor of something else. For this initial post I’m just going to mention a few series I feel are incomplete in this format:

All-Star Squadron 1999: These two issues were book ends to a larger series of one shots named after National Comics anthology titles each featuring a team-up between two JSA members and really don’t work well by themselves.

Detective Comics (1939) #32: The second part of a two part story which is not here.

The Dark Knight Returns and Doomsday Clock: I get that DC wants to preview these titles for readers but would do as well to just make them free on ComiXology.

Justice League Dark: There are just too many crossovers with this series between the missing issues of I, Vampire and Trinity War (to say nothing of Forever Evil) for it to really be enjoyable.

Mr Miracle, New Gods and Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen: One of the reasons Kirby’s Fourth World failed to attract readers on release was because you need to read all of it to appreciate any of it.

New 52: Future’s End: Just incomplete.

i don’t like the thought of having a set limit i mean what’s the point? Not everyone is going to read the entire library i think having a bigger library makes it so every one has something they enjoy to read while giving them the freedom to leisurely read without fear of rushing something because it will go away. I was looking forward to the comic section of this app when it was first announced but i quickly was discouraged as their wasn’t much that interested me and even if i did find something most was incomplete so now i don’t even put an effort to searching for something to read because i don’t have the time to read it right away. I hope in the future they keep expanding and don’t take anything away.