Roku comic reading crashzilla!!!

So I have tried to read the Batman eternal series on my tv using my Roku device, I love being able to read the comics on a much larger screen! However, in order to make it to a comic series I have to search for it, then once I’m finished with a comic it doesn’t give me an option to read the next one like on my tablet or phone so I have to back out of the comic… once I back out the app crashes and returns me to the Roku home screen where I must once again search of the comic series again locate the one I just finished and rinse and repeat!!! PLEASE FIX

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Thanks so much for the feedback, @Dukes! I will be sure to make our team aware of this so they can review. Please let us know if you encounter further issues.

To be honest I haven’t used my Roku that much. I prefer my Apple TV now I’m not telling you to switch just making a comment i airplay my iPad Pro to the the Apple TV basically about the same thing but you have to have both devices to do so.

While I absolutely survive here by having my Roku read the comics for me with Autoplay, I do have to use my phone app to select / add to Favorite list whatever I plan to read. Then I go back to the Roku app to my Favorites and I can find them that way. Usually at least one page appears instead of Panel view. When that happens, I hit Pause, select Panel,hit Pause /Play again, and I’m ok.