Robin Vs. Batman Finale: Episode #11 or #18?

So, on the DCU App, it says that the Titans Season Finale is Episode 18 and the title of the episode is “Robin Vs. Batman.”
On the Titans list of episodes here on the DCU app, it shows episode 11 being titled “Dick Grayson.”
So, I’m confused. Multiple media outlets are saying that the finale is episode 11 and that it’s been double confirmed.
Is the whole Episode 18 thing a typo or did the media outlets get it wrong?


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I’m leaning towards typo too, was hoping for a moderator to confirm.

says here ‘Robin vs Batman’ is the title of Episode 18 of DCU Originals Sneak Peaks … trailers and previews for Titans and other content

The traliers have there own numbering separate from the actual episodes of Titans. This was preview episode 18. That’s where the confusion came in.

Hi @Grevin! Wanted to pop in and say thanks for the heads up. That’s supposed to be Episode 11, so definitely a typo, and we’ll let the devs know! You mentioned this being on the app in your initial post - so we can better dig into the issue, can you please give the general details about the device you’re using?

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Regarding the typo situation, received clarification for you, and indeed, @87benlewis and @@manifest are right in that applying to the sneak peak/trailer numbering and titling. Thank you again for mentioning it, and for chiming in to help, @manifest and @87benlewis! :slight_smile:

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