Robin solo series for DCU?

So after watching the ‘Jason Todd’ episode of Titans, I started speculating and day dreaming. What if they were able to spin off an entire series devoted to Robin? If Titans is eventually going to show, Dick becoming Nightwing. And we know what eventually happens to Jason. What if Jason getting offed served as the launch point for Tim Drake to come into the fold? The first season of a ‘Robin’ series could be based on The Lonely Place of Dying storyline. Season 2 could follow the comic mini series and we would get Lynx and King Snake. Season 3 could mix in Cry of the Huntress and maybe some Anarky and fully cements Tim as Robin , maybe even bring in The Spoiler at the end for a Season 4 setup.

Just some ideas that I really really really hope someone from DCU sees and thinks “Hmmm, this 42 year old has a pretty decent idea to have shut down over a lunch meeting.”


A Red Robin Series? Um Yeah!!

Only if its Tim Drake