Robin Lives!: Let's Talk About Batman: A Death In The Family And Beyond

What if one of the darkest hours in Batman’s crime-fighting career never happened? Thirty-five years ago, fans voted on Jason Todd’s fate after his brutal encounter with The Joker, which set Jason on the path to becoming the gun-toting vigilante Red Hood. But suppose fans had voted differently…


So I read the Faux-Simile Batman #428 and liked it. It’s been a while since I read “A Death in the Family” so it’s like reading Part 3 of a 4-part series without some of the added context that I’ve no doubt forgotten over the years. I may have to reread the whole thing now.

But I don’t think they should stop with this Faux-Simile Edition. They really should do a new Elseworlds that picks up after these alternate events. I want to see what Jason becomes when he wakes up from his coma…is Red Hood still his destiny?


I imagine that’s where they’d go in an Elseworlds comic. But if the Batman comics had played out this way back in 1988/89, I suspect that what we would have gotten is something very similar to what we got with the introduction of Tim Drake. In other words, there would have been a long period in which Jason had to prove himself worthy of getting back into the tights, and when it was all over, he would have received a cool new costume design by Neal Adams.


I hope this gets put on here I need to read it


I agree I would love to see a what if on this


Presumably it will be on here a month after it’s release.


nice :batman: :+1:


Our wish is granted….Coming this July:

DC Vault: Death in the Family: Robin Lives!

A four part series by JM DeMatteis and Rick Leonardi.


If he lived it would only be an awful storyline, not an abysmal storyline. Killing my son is beyond saving. Back to my daily mourning.

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