Robin in Batman comics

I miss the days where we saw Robin actually partner with Batman. It’d be nice if a writer decided to bring him into a main title or even do a Batman and Robin series again. For 50 years, Batman was partnered constantly with Robin. With all the Bat-titles out there, there should be one focusing on the father-son Dynamic Duo.


You could argue that since 2016, Batman’s main partner has been Catwoman.


They should be focusing on the dynamic duo, loved the title of Batman and Robin. Before Flashpoint, when Grant Morrison was writing to when Tomasi took over when New 52 came. Wish they had a title like that again happened.


I wouldn’t mind if Robin joined the Batman title. Show that he’s still a prominent part of the Batman world. You could leave Detective Comics just for Batman but I would like to see Robin be important again outside of Teen Titans or Super Sons.

IMO Damien does not work well as Bruce Wayne’s Robin. He was a much better fit as Dick Grayson’s Robin.

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To me, that’s been one of the worst parts about DC since rebirth, we barely get to see Damian and Bruce interacting at all. I just finished reading through all of Tim Drake’s solo series, and Batman was a constant part of it, really weird for Batman and robin to be pretty much separated for 5 years

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We haven’t really seen much of Damian as Bruce’s Robin. We saw a couple arcs in New 52 before he was killed. There was a little bit after he was brought back but not much. Damian has become a more typical kid for his age and has lost much of his ruthlessness. I think it’s the perfect time to bring him back to Wayne Manor as Batman’s partner.

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he’s currently running a basement prison in tt…if anything he’s becoming more ruthless after a stint of being less ruthless (side note: I do like Damian, but if we’re talking about his recent characterization this has to be acknowledged)

However robin should be appearing at least some in the Batman titles, I agree

At least he’s not killing anymore.

Yeah you’re right, that’s fair

Great topic @Moloch - I love the Dynamic Duo!

Batman & Robin (The New 52) is an absolutely phenomenal series. I was surprised to be so enamored with Bruce and Damian’s relationship but it quickly became one of my favorites! :heart:

Really agree. I think Bruce and Damian are good as father and son, but not as partners. They are too similar, and don’t help each other in the spots they’re weak. I want a Nightwing and Robin title so badly.


I just posted about how I’d rather have a Nightwing and Robin title than another Batman and Robin title (preferably by King or Seeley), but I’d also like for Bruce to just team up more with his family. We need a Gotham Knights or Batman Family title again to really emphasize those relationships. Particularly Batman and Spoiler :slight_smile:

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I really think that the main Batman series shouldn’t just be Batman but should be a title like Batman and Robin. Just solo Batman isn’t as interesting to me as Batman with Robin. I guess, honestly, Batman with any of the Bat-family would be good for me. Spoiler, The Signal, Orphan etc. It could be a great series of just a Bat-family book.

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It would have made more sense for DC to have King write Detective and Tynion write Batman. Batman is typically more of a heroic title and Detective is more about the detective side or psychological side of Batman. That being said, it would make more sense to see Robin in Batman over Detective Comics.

I’d love to see more Batfamily team ups, from various duos to bigger get togethers. I absolutely loved Dick and Damian’s relationship and partnership, and of course I love Dick and Babs working together.

Maybe getting Dick back will help restore the Bat-family interactions? Alfred RIP implied that Dick could have them heal instead of storming off angry. (Another reason we needed him back yesterday!)

As for Batman and Robin team ups, the Robin 80th anniversary issue implied that Bruce and Damian would be crossing paths again soon… although maybe not in a dynamic duo, happy times way.

I honestly like the Bat/Cat duo more. Brace yourselves, I don’t like Batman being with Robin. It is child endangerment, which Batman should know is wrong. It got Jason killed. I know Tim said that Batman needs a Robin, but I think he just needs a partner like Catwoman. I believe that he should only have Robin for a few months or a year to train them and make sure they are ready, and then send them off to a team of other youngsters to learn teamwork and find themselves. Or if he has a Robin to keep for a while, he should just take him/her in at an older age.

Do you have a problem when Robin is in their mid-teens - 15-17? I do agree that having Robins start younger than that really feels wrong to me - though Damian, of course, was literally designed to be a superhero - but by the time they hit 15, it starts to feel less uneasy and more like a young adult’s adventure story.

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I don’t have a problem with that age. But I do if they start anywhere under 14

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I tend to agree. I was kind of horrified realizing how young Tim was when he started.

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