Robert Pattinson Officially Confirmed as Batman

Looks like we officially have a Batman again, along with potentially six confirmed villains.

I personally think Pattinson will do just fine as Batman, I know people will get hung up on Twilight, but I’ve seen his other work, he’s a great actor.

I’m excited for this. Just can’t wait to see the official announcements


But this…isn’t official. It’s just some random site saying it’s official. You even say that yourself.

Even if it isn’t official news yet, I’m willing to give him a chance as Batman. The only thing I’ve seen him in is Harry Potter. I think he could do a good Bruce Wayne at least.

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@Jay_Kay I think he means official announcements from Warner Brothers.

I’m excited for PatBat.


Good for him! I hope he has fun with the role and is able to make it his own without worrying about carrying the legacy of Batman and all the history behind the character.

@Vroom, that is in fact what I meant. I read this today, and I’m surprised WB hasn’t made an announcement, but with SDCC around the corner, I’d imagine they’d wait until then.

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Unpopular opinion but maybe he will do a good job some of the best performances come from people we least expect. Maybe just maybe the pressure to not suck like everyone says will be enough for him to do a great job. But honestly I don’t like the idea. I still have yet to be satisfied with both a good Batman and Bruce Wayne. Most people can only play one very few can do both.


I would hope for SDCC we might see some early promo pics of Pattinson. Not in the batsuit certainly, as that’s probably in the infancy of the design stage, but maybe decked out in a nice suit to give us a look at how he’ll look as Bruce Wayne? Just like when we got the very early promo pic of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.