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Hello members of @CharactersOfDC and welcome to our November session featuring all things Superboy. This month we will be taking a look at some pivotal stories in the lives of the many Superboys. So let’s strap ourselves in for a wild ride everyone!

Since we are covering several characters this time around I will be posting information on each one individually below on Mondays starting Nov. 1.

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Clark Kent character wiki

Clark Kent chronology

Clark Kent, or Kal-El is the adopted son of Jonathan and Martha Kent, who found him when his rocket crash landed on Earth. His Kyptonian parents where Jor-El and Lara who had sent the baby Kal to Earth to save him fro the destruction of Krypton.

First Appearance

  • More Fun Comics ##101
    Here’s a SUMMARY of that story.

Creators: Jerry Siegal & Joe Shuster


New Adventures of Superboy #29-32

Discussion Questions

  1. I always find it interesting to see a younger Clark Kent doing his hero gig in Smallville. Do you?

  2. Which of these stories was your favorite?


Siegel and Shuster had little to do with the debut of Superboy, although they are credited in More Fun 101.

Siegel was in the Army at the time. Shuster was aware of the story.

See Links

1945 Comic book More Fun 101 introduced Superboy - Superman when he was young. Superboy was not part of Siegel Shuster contract. Siegel suggested it but DC said no. DC used character while Siegel was in Army.

1947 Court Case As 10 year contract nears end, Siegel Shuster sue DC for rights to Superman and Superboy. They lose the case and are fired by DC.

From my
Super Hero Genre History


It is definitely fun to see Clark as Superboy. I never thought it was necessary to do away with Superboy after Crisis. The Superboy Revenge Squad story brings back fun memories. These stories were definitely from a simpler time.


I didn’t know that. That’s what I get for taking a wiki at its word. Lol. Thanks for the info.

I thought it was fun as well. I never understood the necessity of doing away with his adventures as Superboy either. :man_shrugging:


And here’s Week Two!

Chris Kent character wiki

Chris Kent chronology

Chris Kent is the adopted son of Lois and Clark, whose real name is Lor-Zod. He was never officially ‘Superboy’ but he did carry on a Kryptonian legacy nonetheless by becoming Nightwing.


* Action Comics #844-846

CREATORS: Richard Donner, Geoff Johns & Adam Kubert

Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think of the idea of Clark and Lois adapting Chris?

  2. What did you think of the reveal of Chris’s parentage?

  3. What was your first impression of Chris?


I heard this is also the reason why they used “Young Superman” as opposed to “Superboy” in the Legion of Superheroes TV Show.


If you go through
All the links below

You will see why
Conner was killed off in a Crisis

And evil Superboy became Superman Prime

Superboy was always the weak link in DC case for owning all rights.

And DC treated Siegel and Shuster relatively well during the original contract.

1938 Comic Book Siegel Shuster Superman and alter ego Clark Kent, Lois Lane appear in Action Comics 1. Siegel Shuster sells rights for 130 dollars, get 10 year contract with 800 dollars a week each.

800 dollars a week is a whole lot of money in 1938.

But they didn’t get extra for the Superman radio show or animated cartoons



One of the articles is hard on Joanne Siegel

But she kept Jerry going in the hard decades after he got fired by DC.

1956 to 1967 Comic Books Jerry Siegel 's second wife, who modeled for Siegel Shuster as Lois Lane, shamed DC to employ Siegel as a writer for Superman stories again including Return to Krypton and Imaginary Story Death of Superman

Their story is told in

A clip on her


Must also be the reason as to why the Filmation Superboy cartoons have yet to be released on DVD.


As above

DC Comics owns Superboy

The question then is

Is this DC video going to be profitable?

Especially now that

Young Clark Kent as Superboy

Hasn’t been in a title for years.

Also which
Superboy do you want to push?

Conner is in
Young Justice

Fan might be angry
Buying Clark video

When wanted Conner


I was more thinking to actually package them within the “New Adventures of Superman” show, like they were when the show was on DCUniverse Streaming. Not to release them as a solo show.

I would also think it would be pretty obvious that Connor is not Clark :sweat_smile: so that fan would just get a side eye from me.


Conner Kent character wiki

Conner Kent chronology

Conner Kent, or Kon-El is a clone of Superman and Lex Luthor. Among other powers he hasTactical telekinesis and he never seems to age. He’s been featured in a lot of media over the years and is a fan favorite.

CREATORS: Karl Kesel & Tom Grummett


Adventures of Superman #500-503


WEEK 3 (Monday Nov. 15)

  1. We first meet Kon as he’s made his escape from Camdus. What was your first impression?

  2. What did you think of his first adventures?

  3. What did you think of his interactions with Lois and Supergirl?

  4. What did you make of his fight with Cyborg Superman?

(Note these issues are a part of the Reign of the Supermen storyline. Feel free to read the entire storyline if you like.)

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  1. He is very confident in himself, probably too confident.
  2. He has plenty of enthusiasm to offset his lack of experience. I like him in spite of his arrogance.
  3. His interaction with Lois was pretty funny. Supergirl was easily able to sway his teenage self, although he is technically an infant.
  4. I was glad to see him try to stop Cyborg Superman. Underneath that cocky exterior is someone with morals. I would have been worried for Superboy if I didn’t know he survives.
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Jon Kent character wiki

Jon Kent chronology

Jon Kent is the biological son of Lois Lane and Clark Kent who was born during the Convergence event. He was unaware of his parent’s secret or that he had his dad’s powers for the early part of his life. He friends with Damian Wayne, the son of Batman.

FIRST APPEARANCE: Convergence Superman #2
Creator: Dan Jurgens


Superman:Lois and Clark #1-8


  1. What did you think of Jon’s first adventure?

  2. Did you like him as a character?

  3. What would you have done in his place when he discovered the family secret?

  4. Jon displayed powers in this story. What sorts of powers do you think he might develop later?


To all members of the @CharactersOfDC

I’ve decided I need a bit of a break from clubs so this club will be going on a three month hiatus starting December 2021. See you all in Spring 2022 when we will continue our discussions from where we left off in November. Thanks for your support and have a great holiday.



A break sounds good. I’ve been trying to keep up with so much lately I’ve sadly let this fall through the cracks, I only get the first comic of every week read! I should have it all ready by spring. I look forward to jumping back in with everyone. Enjoy the break!