Rip Hunter's Time Sphere and Bruce Wayne's Wealth

If you had the above, what collectibles would you go back in time for and stock up on?

A few things on my first Timey Wimey go around:

-travel to assorted years and pick up key comics from various DC titles that sell for alot of money today. A few dozen perfect, mint condition copies of Action Comics #1 would be a nice starting point. I would keep one or two of each book and sell the duplicates at auctions.
-I’d buy a few of the 1939 Ideal Superman toy (an action figure before the term was officially coined by Hasbro in 1964). Keep one for myself and sell the others.
-pick up several cases of the Kenner Star Wars figures (not DC obviously but I wouldn’t be able to resist the chance)
-attend the first showing of Superman: The Movie at the best theater I could find (a break from shopping :slight_smile: )
-fill up a few shopping carts with cases of Kenner Super Powers product (figures, vehicles and the Hall of Justice playset). Keep one set of everything in the line to open, and a few sets to sell over time.

Its a definite dream scenario, but a fun one. What would you do with Mr. Hunter’s tech and Mr. Wayne’s cash?


Collection-wise, I’d use it to get signatures from writers and artists who are no longer with us.


I would totally do some of what both of you have stated.

  1. I would travel and pick up some key issues when they first came out through time as well.
  2. I too would pick up at least one or two full sets of the first 12 Star Wars figures released.
  3. I would go to cons from years ago and try to pick up some original art pages from older issues.
  4. At the cons, I would take time to thank creators I never got to, who passed away before I attended cons.
  5. I like the idea of shopping for Super Powers toys too, great idea.
  6. I would open up a comics book store and with Bruce Wayne wealth fund it until I came back to the present to still have it LOL.

Toys, toys, toys

A complete set of Major Matt Mason toys.
Every GI Joe set and variant figure created before they cut him don to size to 8".
Every Super Powers action figure.
Every Lord of the Rings action figure.
A complete set of Mego Planet of the Apes toys