Revisiting Gail Simone's Secret Six run

Oh my God the woman is brilliant. I haven’t read these in 12,13 years and I forgot just what a masterpiece this run is. If you’ve never read Simone’s Secret Six do yourself a favor and do so (it begins with the Villains United mini -series from '06). Everything from the dialouge to the action is pure gold. Just pure greatness!


Her run on Secret Six was awesome, great writing and great characters.


You the man, Dan. The one man!

Couldn’t resist :grimacing:


So cheesy so great

I’ve never read a bad Gail Simone penned DC book.

Her current run on The Flash Giant is (as you might have guessed) alot of fun too.


The first series was good she went back and wrote a second series in 2015 I want to say wasn’t so good

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Loved it- though I would suggest not marathoning it. My only ding is that some elements repeat a bit too often. I’d still put any given story arc the best of class award for its time period.


Well I just finished the mini series and I’m jonsing for the run.

I love Gail Simone. Was so disappointed when she left the Batgirl run. Her “Leaving Megalopolis” and Leaving Megalopolis:Surviving Megalopolis" runs over at Dark Horse are some of my favorite comics.

Basically, if she pens something I read it. I should re-read the Secret Six runs …

Has anyone read the Wonder Woman/Conan mini Ms. Simone wrote?


I’ve got the digital trade, but haven’t had time to read it yet. The art work looks good and with Ms. Simone writing it, I would expect it to be awesome. But so many good comics & so little time, it just hasn’t made it to the top of my priority list yet

I passed on it because of the concept but I bet the writing is good in any event.

I’d rather have seen a Wonder Woman/Warlord mini myself.