Research Paper Re-done

I had once posted a research paper on here that I wrote. Here is the link to a revised version. please comment on the doc if you read it. feel free to share with friends or frenemies.

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Hey @HaruTheCatGirl, moving this over from General to the Fan Creations section for you :slight_smile:

Thanks! Sorry about that!

Can anyone view the paper or did I configure the settings wrong?

I feel bad no one’s responding to this. However I also feel bad if I express my honest opinion.

To put things in the positive, it’s great that you’re sharing your feelings about comics here and you do have a few facts in here along with notes on what you recall about your first exposure to comics.

It would help if you narrow the topic down, because comic book history is so vast. You have seven paragraphs. Six of the paragraphs cover totally unrelated different topics. Even an essay normally has a focused theme.

Research typically means you dig in and try to bring clarity about a particular specific situation or topic.

Research doesn’t mean to give a overall high speed review of something. This is 7 paragraphs. It’s technically a short essay.

So for example , you bring up Jim Lee. A research paper on Jim Lee would focus on something about his art influences, or about a particular year of his art, something like that. It wouldn’t just be stating " Jim Lee is a popular artist."

So my advice would be this: write 6 different essays based on each of the 6 unique paragraph topics. Expand each of those 6 thoughts and you’d have six pretty nice essays. None of it would be research. Scott McCloud’s book on the unique structure of comic books comes close to research.

Topic 1: My first comics experience and it’s effect on me to this day. Dig in, bring this to life like a short movie is my advice.

Topic 2: Definition of a comic book: how is it different from other literature (Scott McCloud who you quote wrote an entire research book on this topic!).

Topic 3: The interesting beginnings of the unique form of literature called comic books (books and books have researched this, but maybe spend two pages reflecting on the main origin materials).

Topic 4: The top 10 greatest milestones in the history of comic books. Your fourth paragraph is kind of a scatter shoot of like six different concepts, but, hey, show us what you feel are the top 10 important events in the history of comics (and explain factually why), and take two or three pages to dig in!

Topic 5: Celebrity comic book writers: again you could do a top 10 and explain why you feel they are the best.

Topic 6: Celebrity comic book artists; once again, do a top 10, explain ing why you choose these 10 artists in detail.

Your last paragraph is a summary of the many disconnected topics of the first 6, so no essay topic there of course.

Thanks for the tip! I’m not super duper proud of it, so say whatever as long as it will help me improve!

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I did read it at least twice, and it’s obvious you have a lot to share! I hope you do tell us more later here.