Remove From “Continue Reading”

Hey there — I’m very sorry to hear you are still experiencing this issue. If you haven’t already, please make sure to reach out to our Customer Support team for assistance.

Dive Back In is becoming a nightmare.

  1. PLEASE give us the ability to remove comics we no longer would like to follow

  2. Please fix the glitch where all COMPLETED comics are still listed in Dive Back In

  3. Please separate Volumes and Omnibuses as part of the same series for Dive Back In. You’re asking us to re-read everything we just read and it’s a great pain to flip through those to mark a series as completed/up to date.


Hi @AngryGeek. Welcome to the community. Thank you for sharing your feedback. I have shared it with the appropriate team. Please feel free to let me or any of the other moderators know if you need anything else.

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I’ve been having the same issues with the dive back in section for over a month now. I now have over a months worth of read books in my dive back in section.

I typically use the app on my iPad which I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times, removed the app from my phone completely as well as cleared my cache online. All of the recommended fixes.

I entered a help ticket and explained the problem multiple times and the final answer I got was there is no remove button available at this time which wasn’t what I was asking for in the ticket. I wanted the bug fixed.

This has been very frustrating.

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Support has become a complete joke. I’m not sure they even read the tickets.

Reading all this is very surprising, it’s a very common feature. I’m in the Apple eco-system so I used Apple TV to watch Superman & Lois, which actually generates from the CW’s app, as well as anything from the CW Seed (or other streaming services I watch). Sadly, The CW app, once I have finished my episode watch of S&L, will start automatically playing whatever crap they have lined up next, so those will show up as “continued watching” or “up next” on my Apple TV (the application Apple has for watching streaming programs or purchased movies/tv shows, etc. on any of their devices, not their own streaming channel, e.g. Apple TV+) but it’s a two second click to simply remove it and it disappears permanently. Most importantly, those do not become part of my watch history, unless I did actually watch the entire episode (or perhaps most of the episode). While my watch history on Apple TV since I first used the application is there, it’s in a discrete place where it doesn’t impact what I am currently watching, whether it’s a purchased media, something I own, or something I am streaming from whatever provider I am streaming from. I have to actually dig down to get to that part, at least on my iPad or iPhone.

I know HBO Max, when I had an active account as I just did up until a few months ago, has the ability to easily remove things in my Watch Next or whatever they called it, and the history was also minimized there so that it didn’t interfere (or annoy me) while trying to use the app, or get back to HBO Max shows I wanted to watch or check out, etc.

So it surprises me that the tech team at DCUI cannot fix this or implement a decent work-around after multiple years of comments and feedback.

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The feature used to work which is why it’s even more frustrating. Customer service acts like they don’t even read your issues just send canned messages.

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