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Sorry if this has been answered before. I’m a long time reader, but first time poster. Is there any way to remove things from the continue reading list. When I try something new, and end up not wanting to keep reading it, I’d like to be able to remove it from the list.


Hi @jmgoebel! Thanks for posting. :slight_smile: We don’t have that feature currently, but I’ll add your interest in it to our list of requests. I hope you’re enjoying your reading, and please let us know if we can help you with anything!


Hi I’d also like to add to the same request, sometimes an issue from a series I have already read will stay in my dive back in row, even tough I have read it and try to remove it from the list.


Thanks for the report, I’ve sent it up to the team!


Any chance this might be coming? My dive back in is a mess.


Hey @Stevotastic, thanks for checking in on this! I just wanted to let you know that we are looking into it and will let you know by tomorrow, hopefully :slight_smile:


Good morning! This is something that has been sent to our team as a feature request and it’s definitely on our radar. Additionally, can you please send a ticket into Customer Support regarding this, you can contact them here .


I’ve noticed that if you finish the latest issue, the series will go away in your Dive Back In section, unless the series is currently ongoing.

Hello, I know this post is about a year old. But I would like to add my name to the list of wanting to be able to remove titles from Dive Back In.

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Thanks for your additional input! As a quick workaround in the meantime, we recommend flipping through the entire comic to the end page. This will usually kick it out of your Dive Back In section since it’d be marked as a completed read.

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I’ve tried that but they’re still there. Even a one shot

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If you are reading an old series you can go to the last issue of the series and flip to the end of the issue which will remove the series. However, if you are reading a current ongoing or an archived series that is being added (like Blood Syndicate) you have no choice but to flip through each new issue every week or month to remove them and then they are back when the next issue comes out. An option to remove them would be great.

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