Remember “Video Comics” on Nickelodeon when that network first launched? BRING THAT SHOW HERE!

Does anyone else remember a show called Video Comics that was on Nickelodeon back when that network first launched? They would showcase various DC comics from Swamp Thing to Adam Strange to Sugar & Spike. The show consisted of close up, non-animated comic panels that had dialogue and sound effects. So basically, it was a cartoon without movement. The closest thing I have seen lately was the Watchmen Motion Comic which was almost the same style except that had very limited animation in it.

The show opened with Ride of the Valkyries playing while a kid rode his bike to the store and picked up a comic off of one of those old “Hey kids! comics!” spinner racks.

I would LOVE to see this series brought to the DCU app! That show is what introduced me to actual DC comics as a kid (Superfriends too, of course).

Let me know if you remember this show too!


I’ve never heard of this, but it sounds neat!

I do remember You Can’t Do That on Television though. Alanis Morrissette was on it.

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I had such a crush on Moose on You Can’t Do That on Television…

I did find two episodes of Video Comics on YouTube, one is Swamp Thing and the other is Hawkman… wish they had the rest…

I remember this show too! Watched it all the time.

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Remember You Can’t Do That On Television, not the comic book show but that does sound awesome. I remember they did a reading of a Teen titans comic on DC Daily with the girl who played Donna Troy on Tians. Something like that would be good here. As for the comic show, would be awesome but who knows if Warner owns that, or hell if the episodes still exist on anything, sounds like they could almost do something along those lines themselves easier.

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thinks back to Nick’s “Welcome Freshmen” show Oh, that Merv!

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I didn’t have cable while growing up, but I did see the show at least once a friend’s house. It was the Adam Strange episode, but I don’t remember what story they did. Still, I always loved the concept.

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This sounds awesome. I don’t think we’re had cable when this was around

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Just bring back Kablam! and do us all a favor


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I miss Clarissa Explains It All. She was fun, her parents were cool, Ferguson was a dink and guitar riff as his ladder hits her window frame her buddy Sam was fun.

A sitcom aimed at kids that didn’t suck. A true rarity.