remember the Warner brothers store?

@Awesome_Squid Stupor Duck is a spoof of Superman, but he’d still kick an @$$ or two the Superman Way!

The Bugs Bunny spoof of Superman would join in too.

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I’d like to think that this is what really happened and Nazi Germany just covered it up as a suicide.

“Uh… he killed himself, yeah. He definitely wasn’t stabbed to death with a Daffy Duck hat by Green Lantern and Spider-Man wannabes.”

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I’m sorry, @yutzy, it was an accident. But it is nice to see people united against Hitler

Wow. Was not expecting the topic swerve. I might have whiplash…

Anyway, yes, I remember the Warner Bros. Studio stores fondly. Spent a whole lot of time and even more money in them on DC merchandise. I still have a keychain and I still wear a watch from there twenty five-plus years later.

(Also, if you’re getting Super Bugs and Stupor Duck together to torture Hitler, can we get Plucky Duck’s version of BatDuck into the mix as well?)

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@Super-Squirrel Plucky’s Batduck was great. Hamton as Decoy was fun too.

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Yes I remember but it was mostly looney tunes merchandise, it was a cool store