Red Hood and Blackfire as a couple?


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Are you saying they should be, or are?

I don’t see it. Blackfire’s got all these designs on conquering the galaxy and Jason just wants to make Gotham a place kids like he was can survive.


What is this, a new version Blackfire x Red X as the anti-Dick and Kory?

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I can see where your coming from and I support the couple if I remember in the comics the reason why black fire sold Starfire into slavery was to keep the people safe so I could see them as a couple the they have the understanding of sometime you have to do bad thing for good things to happen in the future

Blackfire wants to rule her planet.

She is power mad, not relationship oriented.

I could see her hiring Jason, thinking he was an assassin.

To her, people are pawns to be used.

They could bond over their “rocky” relationship with thair "siblings*

hecc no. Please no. :joy: