Recommendations for/against Detective Comics?

Hey everyone, I was just wondering if the current run on Detective Comics was any good and if you think I should invest in it. Whether you’re for or against this idea, I’d love to hear your reasons why!


Detective Comics 2016 by Tynion.was a great series especially the first arc.

Tomasi had a great run on Superman 2016.

Tomasi on current Detective Comics is a blah experience

One of my tasks for this year is to see if this run is any better reading the whole series as a unit.

This run is the only title where i don’t remember the story a couple of hours after teading it

One story had my favorite character the Spectre in it and I forgot that almost immediately.

I buy Detective but will not read it except as above because of this fact.

So i definitely dont recommend investing in this.

In general it is rare that anyone will profit from.any title.

You will never be able to sell at Overstreet price. More likely a half or third of it.

Comic can easily become non mint

There is a very limited audience. And getting less each year.

You can read a very old very important issue at Comixology often for less than one dollar


I don’t know much about the current run but the Annual issue that is out this week is a great book.


Tynion’s run was good, but Tomasi’s run is hit and miss.


For. If u don’t read based on others opinions u might miss out on your favorite run ever. You can’t dismiss anything until u try it, within reason. Comics are within that reasonable realm. Can’t hurt, just might be your favorite read, who knows?


Each issue

Tomasi on Detective Comics has reviews that vary widely

Here are teviews for each issue

Dont read the reviews They may contain spoilers

Just the range in each rating

The question.was whether to invest or not

The range shows only some reviewers like it

Others don’t

As such it is not a wise investment

Read the fans review as well as the critics. They tend to be more hard in Tomasi

They are many series with far higher average ratings that this run

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While I confess that I haven’t read all of Tomasi’s Detective Comics run, yet, I am fairly familiar with his writing. I consider him to be one of DC’s strongest writers.

One of my favorite things about his writing is that his stories usually are less dependent on the current big event at DC. They read like comics used to read like for decades, like this issue, or this arc, is basically telling its own story. It’s not a Doomsday Clock tie-in, or a Blackstars tie-in, or an Event: Leviathan tie-in, Identity Crisis tie-in, or Whatever-the-Next-Ruckus-Is tie-in. His stories are usually their own babies, which are PERFECT for new readers that haven’t the time or energy to try to get their brains wrapped around what the current continuity is and how last months Justice League is leading into next months Hawkman, but the villain will be seen next in Teen Titans, or similar nonsense. Tomasi’s comics are for folks who prefer the continuity stuff to be a minor part of the story rather than the dominant part of every story. In Tomasi’s run of Detective Comics, a Batman story is a Batman story, not a DC Universe story.

Ask yourself what that means to you. Some comic readers need that continuity stuff to be laid on thick. Some prefer it to be less intrusive.

I would argue investing the time to read, the money to buy, and the space to collect Pete Tomasi’s Detective Comics run are a pretty safe bet.

2 Likes in.December 2018

So they may be a few issues in.our library by now.

See if he appeals to you by reading him in the library.

Again there are many many titles where Tomasi was a great writer. Superman 2016 was superb but read Superman Lois and Clark first and follow with Super Sons.

I hope when I read this title as a series one issue after another.i appreciate him more

So far with the issues every two weeks i can’t

Some writers are better on some titles than others

For example Bendis is much better on Young Justice and Batman than on Superman. That is because he had decades writing new inexperienced heroes snd more realistic street level heroes. And they are easier to write about than someone who has the powets of a god.


I’m still catching up on Tomasi’s run and am in the middle of his Mr. Freeze arc. I, for one, am LOVING it. Really dig his range. The Gotham Knight storyline introduced an intriguing new villain, then we got Deadshot and Spectre! Loving the mix in lengths of stories, too. Lately, I have grown very tired of endless tales that take months or years to unfold. I yearn for those old-school done-in-one or -two issues. Tomasi is at least giving us a range of both short and long-form tales, which is refreshing after the King run on Batman (which I did enjoy).

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You have summed up exactly why I am enjoying Tomasi’s run. Even when it has “tied in” to something like Villains United," it doesn’t feel forced or disrupt the current story being told.

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I’m not a huge fan of Tomasi in general, even on his stronger runs (which I would say are Superman and Batman and Robin), and his Detective Comics run is significantly weaker than either of those runs. There’s no real emotional throughline, the stories are competent but tend to have too many similarities without real connectsions (the sheer number of cult plots he’s using), and the lack of tying into what other writers are doing.