Rebirth Reading Order?

I am Brand new, and want to start reading the Rebirth comics. Anyone have a reading order for the main comics in Rebirth? (fast track?)

Look at

My Massive DC
Rebirth Reading


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Iā€™m thinking maybe a more fast track just so I can get the just of it. Or should I fully commit to it all.

you go to the link

There are various options, including fast track

Must start with DC Universe Rebirth 1 2016

All Phase One titles start in 2016

Then you should know each series starts with
A rebirth title 1
Then regular title 1

Like Green Lanterns Rebirth 1
Green Lanterns 1

Exceptions with Superman
Superman Lois and Clark mini series
Superman Rebirth 1
Superman 1

With Titans
Optional Titan Hunt mini
Titans Rebirth 1
Titans 1

Otherwise Basically pick character you like and start reading.

There are two phases to rebirth

Read about that from the link

This is my preference for Phase One, starting in 2016

Very Good

  1. Superman
  2. Detective Comics
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Green Lanterns
  5. Red Hood and the
  6. Aquaman
  7. New Superman
  8. Titans
  9. Deathstroke
  10. Hellblazer

Good Series
11. Batman some think it is best others dislike it. Not your regular Batman

Meh Series
12. Action
13 Flash
14. Batgirl and Birds of Prey
15,Hal Jordan and the Green
Lantern Corps
16. Teen Titans
17. Trinity
18. Alll-Star Batman
19. Nightwing
21. Suicide Squad

Bad Series
21. Batman Beyond
22. Supergirl
23. Green Arrow
24. Cyborg
25. Justice League until Phase two then good, great to others
26. Superwoman
27. Harley Quinn
28, Bllue Beetle

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Comicbookherald is what I use to look up reading orders

Hey! I have been writing a DC rebirth Reading order for the DCU. Use #new-to-dcu to see it!

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