Reaganfan78's Blog #1: DC Universe

Instead of writing story, I decided to write a blog to share my point of view that has to do with DC Comics. By now it’s been 3 month since DC Universe streaming service started, I have read some comments on how ‘terrible’ DC is, ‘and waste of money’ and ‘Where’s the comic?’
Now let’s think for a minute that you’re a DC Mods and are working so hard to make this a great service and you read, " This is crap! Why did I bother to waste my money on this?! Where’s the comic?! Why is there hardly any films?!" How would you feel. Maybe hurt, trying to reassure the person is coming.
The way I see it this site is at a infant stage, it just started, when you see a newborn baby you don’t rush him or her to walk or talk. You give them a time to grow.
DC is growing, it’s now been 3 months, more stuff is on a way! Here’s what I think about each section of the streaming service:

TV Shows: I really enjoy the TV shows cause some of them I don’t have on DVDs, and if there’s a show I have on DVD I’d still watch it, it’s nice that it’s there and don’t have to bother get a DVD out.

Movies: True not alot of movies and yes some come and go, due to licensing and contract stuff, I may not agree with removing movies, but I know they may be back soon, and when they do, I’ll look forward to watching it.

Comics: There’s so many to read, I admit I sometimes have a hard time picking out to read, I will be honest and hope the DC Mods forgive me for saying this, the only thing I don’t like is when a comic story like the death to the return of Superman is here for a limited time, say 2 weeks, I find it hard for me to read in that short time cause that story has alot of pages!

Shop: Haven’t bought anything yet from the store, but they do got alot of cool stuff.

Connect: 3 month on this forum has been alot of fun, getting to know some people and interact. My favorite part has to be the watch along. That’s always fun.

And let’s not forget the DC Daily! Tiffany Smith always give a update each day and the DC Talk is alot of fun, listening to their point of view on stuff.

So am I getting my money’s worth? The answer is Yes, as President Reagan once said,“You ain’t seen nothing yet! Just you wait and see!” And I’m sure if DC Mods said that to me, I’d believe them. :grinning:

Thankyou for reading my first blog, hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to like or leave a comment thankyou.


Thanks for sharing yeah you’re right so far so good

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I like your blog. Good points.

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