Reading the whole Infinite Crisis arc

Is it worth reading everything in the playlist? I don’t mind reading it but if it’s just a bunch of random stories with marginal tie ins I’ll skip

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The four mini-series that led into Infinite Crisis have merit as does the Sacrifice arc from the Superman books, but if you only want the most essential material, read:

-Countdown to Infinite Crisis
-Infinite Crisis

That’s all. The other tie-ins expand upon things from the main book, but aren’t critical to enjoying it. They are fun though.


OMAC Project is pretty important for explaining the Batman/ Superman/ Wonder Woman split.


I hadn’t read the reply about the OMAC series and kinda stumbled upon it prior to starting infinite crisis.

As far as im concerned it’s ESSENTIAL to the build up of infinite. Going from Countdown to Infinite without any if the info would have been massively confusing. OMAC added alot of subtlety and depth to Wonder Woman for example that would have been missing otherwise.

I know it’s part and parcel for comics , but I’ve always hated how they tuck away various plot threads into several different series.