Reading List for 2021

There is always more to read but my list right now is World of Metropolis (1988), Superman American Alien, Doomsday Clock and I put some Batman story arcs on my list like Knightfall, No Man’s Land and Contagion. I’m also trying to finish off Crisis on Infinite Earths. I’m on issue 6. Recently finished World of Smallville (1988) which was actually pretty good.


Just an update on my reading, I am up to 1943 now.

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1943 comics? This year? By one person? In 41 days? That’s over 47 comics a day, every day, since we turned the calendar!



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No I was referring to what year I was up to. I don’t have that much time to read.

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Ah…that makes a lot more sense. Still - to have read through two years of books in the last seven weeks, or less, is impressive!

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I only have a little over 2 and a half months left of 2021 and the only thing I have finished from this list is the original Witchblade series. I need to step into gear to get more read!!!

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Outside of Wonder Woman, Witchblade is my favorite solo series ever.

Decided to read all of my LoSH and Legion related floppies from the Great Darkness Saga to just before the Legion Lost maxi.