Reader's History of Catwoman

It feels like eternity, but a year or so ago I did the Reader’s History of Catwoman (which was originally supposed to be this big multi-creator project about just celebrating the character) and I just figured that it’d be a good spot to go “hey, let’s all appreciate the matriarch of the Bat-Family” and potentially get some suggestions for who’d be a nifty character, team or even super-huge event, for the next DC-related Reader’s History! I should do an additional vid on her New 52 run though.

Note: there’s spoilers for the entirety of Selina Kyle’s history from her very first appearance, to that time she was a stewardess, to the kid everyone tries saying was Batman’s :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank u for posting this. I created a thread asking if anybody could suggest some good catwoman comics available on the site and got zero answers. Just came across this thread. Idk how I missed it before? I’ve been up and down this page a ton.

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