read a-longs

I greatly enjoyed the very recent DC daily read along from the Terrifics that featured the actor for Mr. Terrific on Arrow. I’d love to figure out which video tools to use to pull this off.

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They did a great job. The background music helped too.

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I have a buddy that does a comedy troupe podcast. some strange story they’re writing and then performing. The Read-a-Long kind of reminded me of that. I have some of the tools here I got to look into this , Jae, cuz I just think it’s dynamite!

When I was in college back in the 70s we also would do something where 5 or so of us would have a different novel and then we’d all go around in a circle and pick a sentence out of the book to read to see some very hilarious results with dialogue etc. I actually still have a recording of some of that nonsense.