[REACTIONS] - The Flash S7 E11 - "Family Matters, Part 2" - Spoilers!

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Synopsis: Barry and Iris come together to try and stop a dangerous force from destroying Central City.

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Nice half story wrap up.

Flash and Iris get there “kids” together to take down Nora. The forces all going crazy but lead to a pretty cool force fight and the win by bringing Nora’s fear of loneliness. Now they’re one happy family in the Speedforce home.

Joe having a nice story with being more than the badge. Wonder if the sage bolt upped Cecil’s powers. :thinking:

Frost has a cool fight with Chillblane. He did have a cool jacket and now she’s on parole. Nice.

And the end with Cisco was fun. Looks like his exit is getting closer sadly and Iris and Barry are trying for kids. That impulse line was great :joy::joy:.

Will Iris and Barry have kids? How will the forces work out together? And what’s next for Cisco and Kamila in Miami? All this and more Same Flash Time Same Flash Channel

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Frankly, I found the entire two part offering confusing and boring. Every week it’s the same hand-wringing, brooding, “I can’t do anything right!” Barry Allen. I remember when this was a fun comic book show with action and verve, and not a sobering, sophomoric soap opera.


The part I don’t get… the people that ended up with the speed force… aren’t these actual people that are supposed to live in our world, that are merely connected to their respective forces, like Barry is to the speed force? Nora is different, since she’s not an actual person, but a physical manifestation of the speed force. The other three, however are actual people, or did I get that wrong? They ended up living with Nora in… what used to be the speed force but is now like… the force dimension or something?

I’ve enjoyed it, I just don’t think it was thought out all the way through… or could be I just suck with the metaphysical stuff.


Yeah that my was a bit odd, maybe it’s because they were made differently so they weren’t able to manifest a body like the Speedforce. :thinking:

Or just a fun Speedforce logic that doesn’t make sense :sweat_smile:

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@moro: You don’t “suck with the metaphysical stuff”. You’re looking for a coherent storyline. Unfortunately, the writing on this show eschews linear, cogent narratives. Oh, screw the five-dollar words–the writing is awful!


Thank you @baseballmaniac01.45870

I’m a pretty easy to guy to please/entertain. I try not to get too caught up in myself when it comes to my daily dose of DC. Nonetheless, I do agree with you that this season of Flash could benefit from a little more oomph & a little less drama.