[REACTIONS] Legends of Tomorrow S2 E7 - "Back to the Finale: Part II" - Spoilers!

Synopsis: The Legends make a last-ditch effort to keep Sara from being abducted, even knowing that it will after the timeline; Sara is shocked when Rory finds her on the mystery planet.

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I need the real Sara back, not this copy! I don’t think Bishop is dead, he’s the Big Bad after all.

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This was some episode! Plenty of action and plenty of twists and turns. Loved alternate reality Rory. And I have to agree that Bishop isn’t dead. Really looking forward to next week’s episode!

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Awesome™:+1: episode.

The legends try to save Sarah. Great shenanigans there and Z learning about powerless John. Spooner had a nice moment with Sarah. The mannequin plan was great :joy:. And alternate Nate was hilarious :joy:. Also spooner still mad about the fork.

Sarah find out she’s a clone with powers. Interesting. And cool. Wonder how that will turn out. Mic, Gary, Kayla, and Avas help dave the day. Great moments between Mic and Sarah. But Kayla is left behind. And Bishop is an AI of sorts. He definitely not dead but where is he now.

Then the big reunion. Very sweet they’re all happy and getting back together. And the big moment the proposal. Very sweet and timed fireworks from plan mannequin (planequin).

What happened to Kayla? Will Bishop return? What other surprises will Sarah’s new body have? All this and more Same Legendary Time Same Legendary Channel


I feel like if kayla isnt dead, she will be sooooo pissed off and try to kill all the legends for leaving her behind, especially since she stayed back to wait for them and they left her


Also Mick calling Sara his oldest friend reminded me of Snart sacrificing himself and im sad about it all over again