[REACTIONS] Black Lightning S4 E12 - "The Book of Resurrection: Chapter One" - Spoilers!

Synopsis: Jefferson realizes that sometimes, an admission of weakness can be a show of strength; Tobias is focusing on an end game.

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I am really sad that this is the penultimate episode. I really wish Black Lightning would continue for a few more seasons. Along with Legends of Tomorrow and Stargirl, it is one of my favorite DC shows. This episode was great from the start. I loved Jefferson’s talk with Jen about why Lightning was needed. His line about finding a way to use your pain certainly resonated with me. And there were some great fights in this episode. I loved the fight between Khalil and Ishmael. And it was great seeing Red get his comeuppance from Lightning. That ending was something else, although the next preview (the first one all season) did sort of spoil it!


I feel like their is too much behind the scenes drama for this show to continue as is. I believe JJ’s actress is already set in an abc show.


Great episode. It’s so close to the end.

The talk with Jen and Jeff was great at the start. And a cool way they did the flash backs.

Lynn and Monica (think that’s her name forgot :sweat_smile:) working on finding the nullifier and now she knows mostly everything.

Thunder and Grace studying the cases. I agree with Grace more that should be able to live happily without that trauma. But a bit of me thinks they do deserve to know as well.

Thunder get brings red to justice. And gave him what he deserved. And the Chief Lopez getting powers wonder what they are.

Khalil had some fun with Looker and the chats with Painkiller were cool. The fight with Ishmael was awesome™:+1: and the way of poisoning him. Smart.

Jeff went to erase Whales memories of them. Solid plan but ultimately failed. Big fight with whale. Such a great villain (who had a plan for the board). And now he’s dead.

This finale is shaping up to be great but why does it have to end.

Is Jeff really dead? How will the Pierce family respond? Has Whale finally won? How with this end? All this and more in the epic conclusion. For one last time Same :zap: Time Same :zap: Channel

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They actually gave us a preview this time so we can speculate.


Jeff has been buried, thought to be dead, but I am assuming the spiritual talk with his father brings him back.

Chief Lopez seems to get the power to cast lightning and make evil villain faces.

Jen gets snatched up by the ionosphere.

Grace and Anyssa fight and stuff

Will be interesting for sure. The actor who played Tobias had an interview and makes me think that Painkiller steps in to save the day!

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