[REACTIONS] Batwoman S2 E16 - "Rebirth" - Spoilers!

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Synopsis: When a familiar foe descends upon Gotham, Batwoman and Mary find they must rely on each other more than ever; Alice has a new mission and gets an unexpected ally to join her.

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This was such a great episode! I mean, seeing the entire Kane family in the same room, not angry, not fighting, just trying to help each other was incredible! Then Kane actually defending Alice! I never thought I’d see the day where that would happen.

I’m so sad Ocean was killed, him and Alice were finally in a good place, he was being so cute with her dad, it’s not fair.

Diggle’s scenes were awesome! I’m so happy he’s returned to the Arrowverse and can’t wait to see his journey to becoming the Green Lantern over the course of his appearances.

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Is that what they’re doing with Diggle? I was fully expecting him to pull the ring out of his pocket and fly off after his conversation with Luke.

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Yeah, Diggle rejected the ring, which is why he’s having headaches, so his journey will about accepting it.


Great episode, made even better by the Diggle guest appearance.

I’m really impressed at the way the writers have turned having to recast Kate into such a twisty, interesting story. What could have been a simple recast (Wallis Day looks enough like Ruby Rose that they could have just switched her out and pretended nothing was different) or passing of the torch (the team learning Kate was dead could have been the end of her role in the story) has turned into a pretty fantastic season long arc.

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Great episode.

Starting with Luke’s adventure. He try’s to get even with Tavaroff or die trying. Dog makes his Arrowverse return. Great to seen him again. And the headaches interesting. Maybe in a tease for that 5 episode crossover ish event for flash​:thinking:.

Alice and Jacob got Kate fast didn’t expect that. A sweet family reunion and Kate finally excepting Beth as his daughter. Very sweet. But got captured again (is he trying to break Peach’s record :joy:) and now he’s off to Metropolis.

Sefyah is working with Black Mask an interesting twist. Ryan says goodbye to her plant for Alice and her and Luke had a lot of great moments in this episode.

Alice goes to save Ocean who had a fun scene with Mr. Kane. But is sadly dead. How will that effect Alice?:thinking:

Now Sefyah is going to manipulate Kate even more. And seems like Black Mask in no longer or never was in control.

Will Diggle return? Will Kate remember who she is? What’s Sefyah’s plan? All this and more Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel