Hi! Any chance you could make the Raven series available again? I wasn’t done reading it yet and it was good. :frowning:

Idk if u read the TNTT run? If not, there’s Raven galore in it, including her origin story. I was gonna read the one you’re talking bout too, but just in case, TNTT is loaded with Raven.

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I wanted to see how things turned out in that New 52 run, but I appreciate the suggestion. :slight_smile:

I was surprised by how much I liked it, it’s a darn shame you weren’t able to finish it. I thought making Raven’s extended family religious helped flesh out her mom and why her mom would run away to join a cult, but I also felt like it helped add a level of interest for Raven too, being the daughter of a demon in the home of Christians. Overall it was so well done I found myself disappointed there wasn’t more than six issues. Ok, I’m done gushing now :wink:
I really hope they add the issues back so you can finish it!!

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I hear ya’ I wanted to read it too. Was hoping I could ease some pain for ya like Raven.


@Star0fLyra, I agree! I thought it was interesting seeing Raven in a high school setting too.