Rank the Superman Actors

Exciting news from SDCC: Brandon Routh will be playing Superman again in the Crisis on Infinite Earths CW crossover! I always thought Routh was an underrated Superman… though we’ve had plenty of good ones. Here’s my list of actors to play Superman on screen, first being best:

Christopher Reeve (Superman I-IV)
Tyler Hoechlin (Supergirl)
George Reeves (Adventures of Superman)
Brandon Routh (Superman Returns)
Kirk Alyn (40s Film Serials)
Henry Cavill (DCEU)
Tom Welling (Smallville)
Gerard Christopher (Superboy Seasons 2-4)
John Haymes Newton (Superboy Season 1)


OH NO, I FORGOT DEAN CAIN! UMM. Below Henry Cavill, above Tom Wellin. Teri Hatcher was the real star of that show.


I wouldn’t put Tyler Hoechlin so high up. He’s not really proven, in my opinion. Otherwise, I think your list is dead on. I think Brandon Routh was great, there simply wasn’t enough action in that film.