Rank the DC Events

@Batwatch, it’s so good! One of the best stories where they push Superman to the limit. I made a custom reading order list here on DCU. If only I could share it with you…


WHAA-AAA-AAAAT ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

No JLApe ???

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Never been a huge fan of events in comics, but I always thought the premise for Armageddon 2001 was cool.


Armageddon 2001 was really cool. I love seeing possible futures where you see how good guys were tempted to go bad. The tie-ins were great. Unfortunately, the whole Captain Atom/Hawk switcheroo made a bit of a mess.


Knew I was forgetting something! :hugs:

Agree with the Armageddon 2001 switcheroo being an utter disappointment but the idea behind the story was stellar. I’d include the “Panic in the Sky” storyline from the Superman books, if we can include “Our Worlds at War”. There were a few crossovers that I loved that were left off the list. I made up a list of my favorites and tied them into what is already been listed. Here are my favorites (I placed a (*) next to titles I added that were not on the list, least to best:

  1. Convergence
  2. Amazons Attack*
  3. Genesis*
  4. Millennium
  5. JLApe*
  6. Joker’s Last Laugh
  7. Bloodlines*
  8. Underworld Unleashed*
  9. Day of Judgment*
  10. Final Night
  11. Zero Hour
  12. War of the Gods*
  13. Final Crisis
  14. Panic in the Sky*
  15. Forever Evil
  16. Heroes In Crisis*
  17. Our Worlds at War
  18. Invasion!
  19. Flashpoint*
  20. Legends
  21. Infinite Crisis
  22. Eclipso: The Darkness Within
  23. Dark Knights: Metal*
  24. DC One Million
  25. Blackest Night/Brightest Day
  26. 52
  27. Identity Crisis
  28. Armageddon 2001
  29. Crisis on Infinite Earths

I confess to ranking Eclipso so high simply because of nostalgia, as it was the very first crossover I’d been introduced to and did everything in my power at the time to gather every part. I loved the story, at the time, and remember waiting (rather impatiently) for the next installment. My top 5 are the crossovers that just totally blew my mind or were simply so stellar, they cemented my love for DC Comics!

What do you all think of my ranking of things and the additional crossovers? I wanted to add JLA/Avengers to the list but since it’s a cross-company crossover, I didn’t think it would have counted…


@Batwing52: I’m sorry I have to disagree so quickly–and adamantly–but Final Crisis will always be at the absolute, unequivocal bottom of my DC Events list. If you want to take a shot at me, here’s my list:

  1. Crisis on Infinite Earth’s
  2. Sinestro Corps War
  3. Infinite Crisis
  4. Legends
  5. Final Night
  6. Invasion
  7. Our World’s at War
  8. Blackest Night
  9. The Lightning Saga
  10. Panic in the Sky

I’m not a big fan of these “event” series in general, but DC One Million was one of my favorites.

I haven’t read the old ones (because I started reading during the New 52 and haven’t gone back yet) but I really liked Flashpoint, Convergence, and Dark Knights: Metal

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Millennium should be on here.That bloodlines And Eclipso the darkness within are the only crossovers that are not up to read online.The way DC Universe is set up is the perfect way to read these events the way it was meant to be.

Crisis on Infinite Earths
Whatever event had Justice League Antarctica

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It’s cool how people gravitate to some over others, and another group will gravitate toward the exact opposite. I decided to give some of these events a read because some said it was good, others hated them etc.

I agree with those who dislike Final Crisis and Metal. I wasn’t impressed and thought I would be because so many people recommended them.

Interestingly enough, many people hated on Convergence and when I read it, I loved it! I wish we got more of the worlds battling to the death, but I loved the premise of it all. CoIE was great too. Does Kingdom Come count as an event or no? I love Kingdom Come.

There are several others everyone has mentioned I still need to read.

Top five with the nerdy-ist numbering you’ve ever seen!
52 (1): No Man’s Land (I’ve got a reputation to keep here)
47 (2): Convergence
16 (3): Final Crisis
3 (4): Kingdom Come
prime (5): Hush
Marvel (did not like): Metal it was confusing and chaotic. Keeping up with all the crossovers and order was impossible.

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Does ‘52’ count? It was more its own series than event, but it remains probably my favorite DC book ever…

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Great topic!

In my opinion, Invasion is the best event-style storyline. It really took advantage of the cohesive universe which was created in CoIE. The storyline wasn’t centered on a couple characters, and it had ramifications which ran for years.

Wow, you figured out his numbering system. Thanks! :joy:

Best: Blackest Night, Identity Crisis, 52

Worst: Convergence, Countdown to Final Crisis, Metal

I always forget about Metal. Seriously. It’s that bad.


Shenanigans! I loved Identity Crisis