Rank the DC Events

I feel like this is pretty self-explanatory. I didn’t include books that focus on a particular character (so no No Man’s Land or Death and Return of Superman, but rest assured that both would have ranked highly) Here’s my list from worst to best:

  1. Identity Crisis

  2. Infinite Crisis

  3. Millennium

  4. Armageddon 2001

  5. Forever Evil

  6. Convergence

  7. Joker’s Last Laugh

  8. Final Night

  9. Zero Hour

  10. Blackest Night/Brightest Day

  11. Eclipso: The Darkness Within

  12. Our Worlds at War

  13. Crisis on Infinite Earths

  14. Legends

  15. 52

  16. Invasion!

  17. DC One Million

  18. Final Crisis

As always, these are opinions. Feel free to disagree.


BTW, if we’re including HiC, it ranks between Identity Crisis and Infinite Crisis.

I’m just doing a Top 5:

  1. DC One Million
  2. Infinite Crisis
  3. Crisis on Infinite Earths
  4. 52
  5. Final Crisis

Wow, I love Identity Crisis but I disliked Final Crisis A LOT


Are you sure that 18 means worst?

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Batwing, if you reversed your list you’d be closer to my tastes. Your list pains me soul.

Also, I thought up this thread months ago and just didn’t get around to making it. You must have used alien technology to swipe it from my brain. I demand the mods delete this and allow me to create a new thread with my rankings. The ranking of a no good mind thief doesn’t count.

  1. Crisis on Infinite Earths
  2. Identity Crisis
  3. Doomsday Clock
  4. Forever Evil
  5. Blackest Night
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My current top 5:

  1. COIE
  2. Dark Nights: Metal
  3. Flashpoint
  4. The Sinestro Corps War
  5. Zero Hour

Honorable Mention: Genesis

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  1. Doomsday Clock
  2. Rebirth
  3. Crisis on Infinite Earths
  4. New Krypton

Couldn’t think of a 5th character crossing event in the main continuity that is good enough to put on a list right now.
If we go elseworld’s I could find some more.

The above are good enough that I’d put them on a top list.

Rebirth wasn’t a good event per se, but it fixed enough things to deserve a place of honor, even though most of the good it did has been torn down.

I’m a Morrison fan, I worship his Animal Man and All-Star Superman, love his Doom Patrol, his Batman run, 52, and at least like everything he wrote and I read. Except for Final Crisis. For me it’s just gibberish.
Haven’t read much of the events but:

  1. CoIE
  2. OMAC Project (if it counts)
  3. Blackest Night
  4. Brightest Day
  5. Infinite Crisis
  6. Flashpoint
  7. Final Crisis

Ahh! You found me out! Quick, Jimmy! Hide the bodies!


Also, @Nathan.Payson,
Yeah, 18 is worst. I say it a lot, I’m not the biggest fan of Identity Crisis. If you are, cool. It’s your opinion. I think Final Crisis is amazing. If you don’t, also cool. I don’t want you to feel like your tastes aren’t respected.


@Batwing52, I literally laughed out loud when I saw that Final Crisis was your #1 pick. No disrespect, but there is literally not another arc in all of comics that I despise more than Final Crisis lol.

Not a comprehensive list, but I’ll Rank the one’s I’ve read that spring to mind.

  1. Our Worlds At War

  2. Death of Superman

  3. Identity Crisis

  4. Sinestro Corps War

  5. Infinite Crisis

  6. Convergence

5,426,900. Final Crisis


Hey, one person’s trash is another’s treasure.


@dogwelder9, I love it so much.

@batwing62, so true :grin:

I’m reading through the most important comics in DC’s last 2 decades of History and am in the middle of Catclysm as prep for No Man’s Land and I LOVE IT so much. I can’t wait to read a bunch of these other series. Who knows? Maybe after reading all the background stuff I’ll like Final Crisis more. I just don’t GET it.

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I really enjoyed No Man’s Land, but it’s premise is a little better than its delivery. The story is just spread a bit thin and they clearly wanted to explain why Gotham wasn’t normal Gotham for anybody who hadn’t been keeping track of recent comics, so you get them reiterating, “Earthquake. Thing are extra sucky,” again and again. That gets a bit tiring, but the awesomeness of a Mad Max version of Gotham really works and in broad strokes the story is great.

The novel adaptation boils down the best bits and is quite brilliant.


I’ll my vote for Our Worlds at War too.

Most of the tie-ins are fluff (fun fluff, yes, but fluff nonetheless) but the main story is very good.


Guess I’ll have to check out Our World’s at War. I’ve seen a smidge of it and wasn’t impressed, but maybe I didn’t get enough of the picture.

DC One Million is my favorite.

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