Rank all 11 episodes of Titans

Now that Titans S1 is over, rank the episodes of the season from best to worst. Here is my list.

  1. Jason Todd
  2. Doom Patrol
  3. Titans (Pilot)
  4. Dick Grayson
  5. Donna Troy
  6. Hank and Dawn
  7. Hawk and Dove
  8. Together
  9. Koriand’r
  10. Origins
  11. Asylum

1 - Together
2 - Jason Todd
3 - Doom Patrol
4 - Dick Grayson
5 - Hank and Dawn
6 - Hawk and Dove
7 - Koriand’r
8 - Donna Troy
9 - Origins
10 - Titans
11 - Asylum

  1. Hank and Dawn
  2. Hawk and Dove
  3. Titans
  4. Donna Troy
  5. Origins
  6. Jason Todd
  7. Together
  8. Doom Patrol
  9. Asylum
  10. Dick Grayson
  11. Koriand’r

IMO each episode had great moments. My favorite to my least favorite:

  1. Donna Troy
  2. Doom Patrol
  3. Together
  4. Jason Todd
  5. Koriand’r
  6. Origins
  7. Titans
  8. Hawk and Dawn (IMO this was the best episode, but it was not my favorite)
  9. Hawk and Dove
  10. Asylum
  11. Dick Grayson
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I agree Hank and Dove was probably the best episode as a whole but also not my favorite.

I have Together as my favorite because it has the Titans coming together as a family or friends, has nice moments/scenes with awesome action scenes featuring Dick and Starfire.

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  1. Donna Troy
  2. Jason Todd
  3. Hank & Dawn
  4. Hawk & Dove
  5. Doom Patrol

As my top five favorite episodes… oddly enough I’d rank the first episode, the pilot, last on my last. Everything else, idk right now.

This just shows how good Titans is. My least favorite episode, Asylum, still has a bunch of great moments, like the action, acting, and goodbye to Robin. Jason Todd is my favorite because It is a fast paced episode that gave us our first live action version of Jason Todd, had great acting, and that amazing action scene with Jason and the cops.

I’d have to watch it again, but right now, the finale is definitely at the bottom for me unfortunately. Right now, Doom Patrol might be at the number 1 spot.


My top 5 are…

  1. Jason Todd
  2. Dick Grayson
  3. Koriandr
  4. Together
  5. Hawk and Dove
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Hank and Dawn
Jason Todd
Doom Patrol
Donna Troy
Dick Grayson

These are my 5 favorites

Correction : Hawk and dove IN dick Grayson Out

  1. Together- Only episode that felt like a Titans TV show. The team was together for once
  2. Doom Patrol- Great look at DP and most Beast Boy we had
  3. Donna Troy- Balanced the guest and the team better than most. Donna was great
  4. Jason Todd- Alright, I got tired of spin off bait but they got Jason right
  5. Origins- Decent set-up episode
  6. Koriand’r- Another decent set-up episode
  7. Hawk and Dove- Fun detour
  8. Titans- a little clunky but alright
  9. Asylum- Meh
  10. Hank and Dawn- Spin off bait
  11. Dick Grayson- Horrible. We learned nothing new about Dick to justify this. We got all this in Asylum. Giant waste of time
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SPOILER ALERT: All I know is the teaser trailer for the finale said Batman vs Robin. Had they actually fought (of course Batman would’ve won), then, that right there would have been an improvement. THEY NEVER FOUGHT! Also, anything with Hank was crap. Watching him made me feel like I was losing brain cells every time he opened his mouth. Honestly, he is the reason I rate the show a B+ instead of an A- or possibly an A.