random thoughts

My vape pen is deep black, with red lights. It looks like Apokoliptian tech.

I like the idea of Lobo dropping in each season to kick the team’s asses. I’d like to see Barbara Gordon and Wonder Girl get another crack at him, though.

So, Halo’s a white lantern?

Someone needs to get suspicious of Glorious Godfrey. Of course, I’m sure he’s done the same job on thousands of other worlds, plus he’s a god and whatnot.

I need to see the Furies fight Young Justice, and they better wipe the floor with our heroes.

Was the Mad Hatter tasked with figuring out how to inject people with the anti-life equation? That seems weird, you’d think Apokolips would’ve figured out how to do that on its own.

That is a lot of information and some of it definitely is random, but has the potential for positive outcomes.

In regards to your information, I do not recall many episodes that had Lobo in it. I know when there was that political meeting, Lobo made his first appearance by going after the Krolotean, which I believe occurred in Season two, but it was around the time where Luthor was seen as a hero (which took place in Season one). Anyways, I have not spend a lot of time with the first two seasons due to hammering down on them.
Halo is not a white lantern, but the show will explore what she can do.
I think some people were suspicious of Godfrey in Season two, but the public listens to him.
I know the furies have appeared in other films, so it would be interesting to see them here.
Also, more experienced watchers may be able to tell more about Mad Hatter, but I know Darkseid has been looking for the equation.

Interesting ideas. Hopefully, Darkseid gains more of a role in the following episodes.

I’m surprised Darkseid would bother with the Heinous Haberdasher himself, the Mad Hatter.

Hatter is typically nothing more than the buzzing of flies to someone like Darkseid. Guess he obviously saw merit in Mister Tetch.

Well heck. I’m reading final Crisis, and it looks as if tetch was helping darkseid with mind control tech too. Official Easter egg