Quotes: The All Timers (DCUi Edition)

We all love quotes, we use them all the time. Sometimes to inspire, other times to sound clever. Maybe even sinister…
I’ve collected Batman quotes for many years now, just the ones that really sank in deep, and I use them to pick myself up when I’m having a rough day. I’ve even used them as advice to give to a friend in need. The applications are endless depending on the quote giver. I think it would be super hero level cool to hear some of your most cherished quotes from around the DC Multiverse! I’ll start with the first one.

“ You can conquer fear psychologically, if you’re willing to look at it for what it is. Few are. Few ever truly gaze into their fear, their pain. Fewer still choose to embrace it.” - Batman, Secret Origins of the JLA :0_batman_tas: