questions regarding Trinity War

So I was reading the new 52 storyline “Trinity War” and finally finished the last chapter. If Pandora’s Box housed the seven deadly sins prior to them being locked away in the Rock of Eternity were the spirits originally from Earth-3 or is there more to the story I missed? Because I am confused as to why it had such an impact on magical characters but was said to be built from science in

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But the box itself hails from Earth-3. Does that mean all evil comes from Earth-3?

I don’t remember, honestly, but that might be further explained in one of the Forever Evil tie-ins, maybe the Blight crossover with all the magical books?

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I’ll have to check it out. I just saw that as I was prepping as forever evil read list.

I haven’t read Trinity War since it came out, so I’m fuzzy on the deets, but I don’t recall Earth 3 as being a supreme source for all evil. Rather it’s an Earth where evil outdid good more than anything.


While it it is pointed to that the sins are from Earth-3, it didn’t outright SAY it. As far as the being the source of evil, it was said that are not the cause of evil but increase and feed on the evil created.

Trinity War never really resolved, it just kind of… ended. Second least favorite New 52 event.

Id say it was a little of both. Rock of eternity was built to house the three faces of evil encased by Vlarem with a rock from heaven and one from hell. After Shazam ( the wizard) is seduced by a demoness and conceives Blaze and Satanus. I’m getting off subject that’s more power of Shazam then trinity war, but to establish the magical side of the rock felt it would reinforce that aspect of it. Then it exploding is magical but explosions are a chemical reaction, hence Science. I’d have to say it’s a combination of the 2. The real lesson throughout is no magic comes without a price and some things should be left alone no matter how tempting they may seem.