Questions for Superman & Lois's Adam Rayner?

Happy New Year, DC fans! (It’s still early enough in the year to say that, right?) It’s Tim from again and I’m back with our first interview opportunity of 2022.

This Friday, January 14, I’ll be talking to Adam Rayner (Morgan Edge/Tal-Rho) about his role on the series for a interview feature that will run next Tuesday. As I’ve done in the past, I’d love to include a few Community questions in the interview, if you’re interested. Between now and 4 p.m. PDT on Thursday, January 13, if you have any questions that you’d like for me to ask Adam, go on ahead and ask them below.

Now, it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, so remember that there are a few caveats to this…

#1 All the questions should be about Superman & Lois or other appropriate DC-related things. Not anything else.

#2 I will only be able to include a few Community questions, and I can’t promise that your question will be one of them. However, if it is, you’ll get a special thank you at the end of the post.

Also, if you’re confused about Adam’s role in season two…well, I am too! I believe he’s in next week’s episode, but they’re being pretty mum on the details, so feel free to ask questions about season one.

Once the interview is live, we’ll make sure it’s posted here in the DC Community so you can read it and see if your question was asked. Thanks, all!


Did the knowledge of Morgan’s true identity inform your portrayal at all in the first part of season one? How far into filming did you first learn your character’s secret?


Happy New Year Tim. :wave: :sunglasses:

My question for Adam Rayner would be:

Which do you think was a tougher challenge: Morgan Edge taking on Lois Lane’s questions, or Tal-Rho fighting Superman?

Thank you. :clark_hv_4:


Hello there Mr. Rayner and thank you for your time! In a show that emphasizes the family side of Superman’s life, it was very interesting to see him go up against a villain who not only is his sibling, but who also has a motivation of “just wanting a family”. Where do you hope to see Tal-Rho go in future episodes/seasons of this show?



If Tal-Rho Do was to return in the show. Do you have a specific way you would like him too?


Beedlejuice, Beedlejuice…I’d better stop there.

Happy New Year! It’s absolutely still early enough in the year to say that, especially when you bring such fantastic news! The return of the interview opportunities for us DCUI subscribers is sweet, sweet music to my ears (or eyes, I guess). Thank you for giving us an opportunity to take part in this interview.

My question for Adam Rayner, should you chose to accept it, is this: “As Morgan Edge/Tal-Rho/Eradicator do you prefer to know the full season arch of your character or to only know what you need for that scene/episode? Does knowing what will happen in future episodes change the way you perform a scene and allow you to hint at what’s to come in a subtle way or do you prefer to be completely present/true to the scene you are performing?”

I hope to get his answer to that on Tuesday but am looking forward to that interview either way. Thanks again and hope to hear from you again soon with another interview opportunity (cough/Aldis Hodge before Black Adam comes out/cough).


What is it like to play Superman’s brother, ever, in any medium? Was there pressure because of that or was it more freedom?


What was the atmosphere of the set like for you?


Which Superman & Lois character would you say you relate to most?


Hi @Beedlejuice! Thanks for the opportunity! Here’s my question for Mr. Rayner:

How did you sympathize with Morgan Edge and Tal-Rho? Did that sympathy helpful for fleshing out the character and portraying him on camera?


Thanks for the opportunity to ask Mr. Rayner some questions.

  1. Dealing with a dual identity is never easy, which side of the coin do you enjoy playing more Morgan Edge or Tal-Rho?
  2. Did you use any previous Kryptonian characters as a basis for your portrayal of Tal-Rho.

Thanks, all! There are some really good questions here. As always, I probably will only be able to include a few, but thank you all for contributing them. We’ll make sure to post a link to the interview here in the Community once it’s live on Tuesday!


I doubt my question will be put up but thanks anyway.