why does it take so long for new shows to come out. Like Doom Patrol or Young justice

I’ll counter your question with another question. Why do companies like Netflix and Hulu drop all the episodes of their shows at once? Is one philosophy better than the other? It’s all perspective I guess.


Production schedules are the big reason. This stuff takes time to do and do right.


The average episode of your average TV show is filmed in six sixteen-hour days. So that’s ninety-six hours of just the actors in front of the cameras.

Then there are all of the hours writing it in the first place - first, second, maybe third drafts to get to the shooting script. Afterwards, there’s the editing, the composing of music, the creation of special effects and so much more - and all of these things take time for even the most seasoned of professionals.

It takes hundreds of hours just to make one episode of television. Be patient. :slight_smile:

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