Question... the Answer!

Anybody can answer a question (I mean, they can’t always get it right, but that’s besides the point). Putting a question to an answer is a different thing entirely. Everyday, I’ll post the answer to a question. There are multiple possible questions that it could be matched to. By the end of the day, whoever has the most questions matched with the given answer (without repeats, of course) wins!

And try to avoid being repetitive. The more original the Question the better!

Oh, and sorry for any copied ideas @HubCityQuestion. There was (I hope obviously) no ill intent


Answer: Green

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What elemental force is Swamp Thing connected to?
What color on the emotional spectrum is associated with will?
What subspecies of Martian is J’onn J’onzz?
Which team is known as the Teen Trillionaires?
What color are Catwoman’s eyes?
What kind of lantern does Black Canary become in DCEASED?
What’s the last name of Gina, Jonah Hex’s short-lived time traveling girlfriend from the 21st century?


What color is Green Arrow’s costume?

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What color lantern is Hal?
What color lantern is Guy Gardner?
What color lantern is John Stewart?
What color lantern is Baz?
What color lantern is Jessica Cruz?
What color lantern is Kilowog?
What color lantern is Ch’p?
What color lantern is G’nort?

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I don’t know that I can count that, but I don’t know that I can’t. It feels repetitive, but you mentioned both Ch’p and G’nort, so I can penalize you for that…

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Well, if you’re going to count it, please tally all my etc’s. :slight_smile:

I mean, I could count all Green Lanterns, which would give you about 7206 questions. And those are only the active ones.


I’ll count that as three. It’s kinda only one answer (and one that HCQ already gave, really), but again, there was Ch’p and G’nort

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What color is the Creeper’s “underwear”?
What color is Booster Gold and Blue Beetle’s couch in “Heroes in Crisis: Blood in the Way”
What color is Ambush Bug?
Before he becomes Sandman, what color is Sand’s costume?
What color Kryptonite is most classically deadly to Superman?
What color is Oracle’s Avatar?
What color are Tim Drake’s gloves in “Robin”?
What color is Pariah’s cloak?

Honestly, I could go on forever. I’m sure none of these count.

What color is the Spectre’s cloak?
What color suit does Space Cabbie wear?
What color are Aquaman’s pants?
What color is Braniac 5’s skin (usually)?

These should be disqualified.

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-What has the Joker movie made alot of?
-What color is associated with pine, also known as “the scent of Swamp Thing”?
-What did Kenner/Hasbro make alot of via their DC toys?
-What has WB Pictures collected oodles of from their DC movies?
-What color is Poison Ivy’s…you know?

More “what color is…” coming up!

What color is Mister Miracle’s cape?
What color snake is Wonder Woman of China?
What color does Woozy Winks typically wear?
What color is the Still Force?
What color are Tim Drake’s thought boxes in “Robin”?
What color is Fire’s fire?
When Batman explains colors in “The Signal” what color is Damian?
What color are Oracle’s thought boxes in “Batgirl”?
What color is the Haunted Tank in “Batman the Brave and the Bold”?
What color is Damian’s mask in “Lil’ Gotham”?
What color is Doc Magnus’ suit in “DC Nation Shorts: Metal Men”?
What color are the Blackhawk’s pants in “JLA: Year One”?
Besides Yellow/Orange, what color does the Naga-Naga wear?
What color are Hawkgirl’s pants in “JSA”?
What color is the one-sleeved jacket that Fate wears?



What color is grass?
What color is lettuce?
What’s the favorite color of Envy?
What color are leaves in the Summer?

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Yesterday’s winner: @HubCityQuestion! (With @Vroom and @Adamantine coming in second and third, respectively).

Today’s answer: Twenty-four

Which sector is patrolled by the Green Lantern Breeon?
How many issues were there of Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl series?
In the Silver Age, after how many hours does Hal Jordan need to recharge his Green Lantern ring?
How many different Legions are there in DC One Million?
What is the lowest numbered Earth which is still unknown?
The 52 miniseries was inspired in part by which then-popular real time television drama?
How many years elapse between the prologue and the main story in Justice League: The Nail?


The opposite of 42, the meaning of Life. the Universe, and everything–


Does this mean TornadoSoup has discovered the anti-life equation? Therefor, it must also be the number of heroes it take to protect 'Soup from Darkseid.

And it’s the number of issues of Dan Jurgen’s Teen Titans.

It’s one less than 25.

It’s the number of hours between 8:00 AM Thursday and 8:00 AM Friday.

It isn’t the number of hours in a Thanagarian day.

It’s the age of Argent’s first boyfriend-- don’t tell her Dad.


Second place, booyah!


Oh heck, that’s easy! That’s four times longer than the 2015 series Doomed lasted.


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Actually, it’s the answer to the question. A common mistake, and I don’t mean to come of as elitist.

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@HubCityQuestion was once again the winner yesterday! @MisfitH came in second on @Vroom rounded out the winner’s table at third.

Today’s answer: Strength

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