Question about Upcoming Titles

To start (because I know I’ve been critical in the past), I am very happy with the increased volume of comics we’re seeing and I’ve gone in and re-activated my account as a result of the additions. So THANK YOU!

Second, I thought I’d create this thread to let folks know some titles/characters I would personally like to see more of in the comics. I don’t know if these are in the “coming soon” queue, but it never hurts to speak up:

  1. The Warlord (I loved this comic and would love to see the entire run, if possible)
  2. The Spectre
  3. Doctor Fate
  4. The Phantom Stranger
  5. Deadman
  6. Blue Devil (not likely a popular title, but one of the first I collected so it has special meaning for me)
  7. Challengers of the Unknown
  8. House of Mystery/House of Secrets

I’m very thankful for all you guys are doing, so this is just my wish list of additional titles as you look to grow the offering for all of us subscribers. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!


I would add to this complete issues of the early Action, Flash etc. realize there’s probably some legal issues or maybe I’m alone in wanting to read Zatara and Slam Bradley. But very happy with the recent adds.

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Thank you for the feedback, @Heartshadow! The specificity of your list is super handy, and very much appreciated!

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I’d like to see all of those (especially Messrs Devil, Fate and Stranger).

I’d also like to see Justice League Elite (with Action Comics #775 and JLA #100 in tow) pop up here.

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@msgtv, you’re not alone in wanting to read Slam Bradley and Zatara. I dig 'em too.

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I wholly endorse this spooky list of comics.

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