Question about the timeline of Events regarding Final Crisis , Flashpoint and so on

In my attempt to catch up and read stuff i might have missed , I’ve been trying to follow along to timeline of events for the DCU.

I’ve just this second finished Infinite Crisis and will start 52 shortly. After that , i get a bit fuzzy on where to go next.
I’ve looked into some reading orders I’ve found but none seem that great. The one I’ve found most reliable left out the OMAC books which i thought was essential to the Infinite Crisis plot.

Any guidance you guys could provide would be great. I’ve got a vague idea of where im going , i dont necessarily need to read every single thing connected , but Definetly the best parts. I enjoyed reading everything gearing up for Infinite and my goal is to make it to New 52 with a understanding of everything.

Infinite Crisis is a sequel to the 80’s story Crisis on Infinite Earths. The Omac Project, Villians United & Rann-Thanagar War are all prequel mini’s leading-up to Infinite Crisis.

After Infinite Crisis there’s 52 and after that various one year later storylines, and Seven Soldiers of Victory then after that is Final Crisis (Ignore Countdown, it kinda lies about leading up to it) then Blackest Night Followed by Brightest Day, Then Flashpoint which launched The New 52. After that there’s Forever Evil which set up for Darkseid War and Future’s End & World’s end which set up for Convergence. Then Rebirth which was setting-Up Doomsday Clock. Oh and Multiversity is a sorta Post Nu52 Sequel to Final Crisis…

Its alot to keep track of I know and there’s other Books that are important as well, but those are the highlights IMO. Once you get the hang of things it’s pretty easy to make a cohesive & coherent timeline of major Events in the DC Multiverse.:sweat_smile:

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